Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is also known by acute lymphocytic leukemia and acute lymphoid leukemia

It happens when body makes too many of immature white blood cell, in your bone marrow. In acute lymphoblastic leukemia the immature form of B, T lymphocytes of W.B.C affected.

It is most common type of leukemia in children

ALL is malignant in nature it invades blood and also spread to other organs such as liver, spleen, lymph nodes.

Mainly lymphocytes protect body from foreign protein by identify and destroy it. but in ALL bone marrow  create immature blood cell excessively and these immature lymphocytes are not develop enough to fight against infection. 

This overproduction of immature cell crowds other types of cell in bone marrow and prevent production of – RBC, other WBC, platelets cells

Collection of lymphoblast cell in lymphatic system and cause swelling of lymph nodes


Exact cause still not known

Slight change in DNA of normal bone marrow cell can leads to cancer formation, DNA makes up of genes, which have full control how our cell function i.e. Division of cell, growth of cell, when cell die.

Some genes help cells to grow, divide and stay alive are called oncogenes

Some genes controls cell growth, division or make cell die at right times- these called tumor suppressor genes

Cancer occurs when mutation leads to over production of oncogenes or turn of of function of tumor suppressor genes. 

These type of changes stop bone marrow cells to function in proper way and this leads to ALL


 Sign and symptoms which suggest the possibility of leukemia are:- 

  1.  Anemia – Due to decrease in red blood cell count it leads to 
  2.  Fatigue 
  3. Shortness of breath  even during normal day to day activities , from slightest exertion
  4. Dizziness 
  5. Pale complexion 
  6. Frequent infection
  7. Thrombocytopenia ( low blood count) leads to 
  8. Bruising easily
  9. clotting times increase/ bleeding prolong
  10. Skin complaints i.e. petechiae
  11. Epistaxis
  12. Bleeding gum
  13. Night sweats
  14. Complaints of bones and joints
  15. weight loss, loss of appetite
  16. Seizures, headache, blurred vision if  cancer spread to brain
  17. Enlarge lymph node on different part of body such as neck, groin, under your arms, collar bone


  1. Physical examination
  2. Complete blood count
  3. A bone marrow aspiration and biopsy
  4. Cytogenetic and molecular RT-PCR ( it involves identifying genetic makeup of cancerous cell)
  5. Lymph node biopsy( to check leukemia spread)
  6. CT-scan , Chest X-ray, Lumber puncture


  •   Maintain hygiene 

                 – drink boiled water

                 –  hand wash frequently

                 -Dental care

                 -Eat well cooked food

  • No smoking, NO drinking , caffeine Avoid
  • Avoid product contain Benzene and formaldehyde
  • Avoid heavy workout, junk food, take good rest
  • Avoid product/ cosmetics which irritate your skin


Calc. phos

  • Anemia in children’s and adult too
  • Numberless and crawling sensation in body
  • Tendency of glandular enlargement
  • Stiffness and pain in extremities
  • Involuntary sighing 
  • Bleed with stool


  1. It has degenerative and inflammation tendency 
  2. Hemorrhage tendency
  3. Suddenness of symptoms, sudden prostrations, faints
  4. Sweats sudden, shooting pain
  5. Hunger soon after eating
  6. Weakness with trembling
  7. Joint suddenly give away

Arsenicum album:

  1. Patient have great exhaustion after slight exertion with night aggravation
  2. Discharge putrid, burning pain , easily bleed
  3. Gradual loss of weight
  4. Cannot bear sight and smell of food , nausea and vomiting retching after eating and drinking, vomit of blood
  5. Anemic

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