Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris

Acne is the form of a pimple, it can be papules, pustules, cystic and nodular, white head or blackheads, etc.

It occurs when hair follicles blocked by sebum/oil, dead skin cells, bacterias cause inflammation of the skin and produce acne.

The most affected areas are the face, back and shoulder etc.

Causative factors: 

  • Propionibacterium is the most prominent cause of acne vulgaris.
  • During puberty: a hormone androgen level increases which cause more secretion of sebum/ oil leads to acne ( physiological hormonal changes).
  • Hormonal imbalance due to certain conditions in females like PCOS/PCOD, pregnancy, menstrual cycle and falling oestrogen level may cause acne in females. Stress can cause hormonal and metabolic changes which may cause acne.
  • Dietary factors: highly fatty food /oily food can cause acne.
  • Over friction or exfoliation causes acne due to irritation of the skin.
  • Dirty pillow or bed covers can cause bacterial infection.

Classification and symptoms :

  • Mild: whiteheads or blackhead on the face only.
  • Moderate: papules and pustules over face and chest come under moderate condition.
  • Severe: nodular and cystic acne come under severe form.

Papules: painful reddish pimples called papules.

Pustules: pimples that are reddish painful and with puss at the tip called pustules.

Comedones: whiteheads, blackheads that are not painful.

Nodules: large, painful hard bumpy pimple under the skin.

Cystic: puss-filled and painful lumps under the skin.

Scars and excessive pigmentation of the skin can result from acne.

Risk factors : 

  1. PCOS
  2.  stress can cause hormonal imbalance.
  3. In teenagers, it mostly occurs due to hormonal changes.
  4. Over-friction of the skin can cause acne.
  5. Over exfoliation may cause acne. A dirty pillow and bed sheet can cause skin infection.


  •  Diagnosis can be made based on clinical symptoms.
  • CBC for anaemic condition.
  • Hormonal investigations.
  • Ultrasonography for ruling out cystic ovaries.


  • Wash your face with normal water twice a day, once in the morning and at night before sleeping.
  • Do not use perfume based products over the skin which may irritate the skin.
  • Exfoliation of the skin must be done once a week like scrubbing which helps in removing dead skin from the face that prevents from causing acne. But do not over-exfoliation the skin every day because over-friction can cause injury to the skin and cause acne.
  • Apply sunscreen every day before 30 minutes to sun exposure and reapply it after 3-4 hours. Sunscreen should be broad-spectrum and oil-free.
  • Oil-free makeup and products should be used.
  • Dietary factors:  drink plenty of water.

Avoid sugar or dairy products in severe acne.

Take a healthy nutritional diet and vitamin-c rich fruits.

Homeopathy medicine: 

  • Berberis aquifolium
  • Hepar sulph
  • Radio bromatum
  • Juglans R. 

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      My daughter is having acne on her face. Though we have taken a lot of treatments from various doctors (Homeopaths and Ayurvedic), still the results are yet to come.
      In every homeopathy eruption starts immediately, but subsiding takes a lot of time, which cause irritation to the child.
      What remains the cost of treatment for week/month.

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