Adrenocortical is a carcinoma of adrenal gland in which outer layer of adrenal layer i.e cortex start growing and form tumor growth there

There are two adrenal glands one located at each side above the kidney. The outer layer function of adrenal gland is maker of hormones. These hormones controls stress, body function and male/female traits.

  • Hormones secrets by outer layer of adrenal gland are:-

           — Estrogen, Aldosterone , Cortical, Testosterone.–

If tumor in adrenal gland cause gland to produce excessive hormones that known as functional tumor

If tumor in adrenal gland don’t cause excessive production of hormones known as nonfunctional tumor

It is very rare type of carcinoma; effect more girls than boys and most commonly in age group 1 to 4 year old.



    Adrenocortical carcinoma are sporadic mostly, but sometime it can be associated with genetic syndromes i.e. Carney complex, familial adenomatous, polysis coli, beck with- wiedemann syndrome.

Currently exact reason for adrenocortical carcinoma not known

Adrenocortical carcinoma symptoms


       Due to overproduction of hormones in both male and females leads to various changes:

  • In males: premature puberty happen its cause 

                   – Early changes in voice, it become deep

                   –  Acne

                   –  Pubic hair, underarms hair

                   –  Breast enlargement in boys/men

                   –  Weight gain in  face, neck and trunk

  • In female: overproduction of hormones cause 

                       –   Premature appearance of pubic and underarm hairs

                        –  Irregular menstrual cycle (early appear and delayed)

                        – Acne, excessive hair fall

                        –  Weight gain, muscle weakness

  •  General symptoms are:

                       –   Back pain or discomfort 

                       –  High blood pressure

                        –  Depression/ anxiety

                        –  Fat developed around neck, face, belly

                        -Abdominal pain

                        – Felt pressure in abdomen 


     If adrenocortical carcinoma is suspected then physician perform

  • Physical examination and advice diagnostic test
  • Check hormonal level, blood test
  •  Imaging study –

                                    – CT-scan

                                    – MRI

                                    – Ultrasound

                                    – PET-scan

                                     – X-ray

  •    Genetic tests – Conduct to check genetic mutation of TP53 , IGF2 , or other genes.
Adrenocortical carcinoma precautions and homeopathy treatment


  1. Eat healthy die
  2. Avoid using any harmful chemical products
  3. Stay away from stressful condition, crowd, spend time with family
  4. Get regular medical checkup 
  5. Stop Smoking, drinking
  6. Maintain hygiene
  7. Maintain healthy weight and stay active
  8. Don’t do any activity which induced stress, maintain B.P


        Arsenicum Album:

  1.  Glandular swelling, tumors, anemic 
  2. Anxiety, restlessness, depressive
  3. Oversensitivity of skin
  4.  Malignant pustules on skin, acne
  5.  Nausea, vomiting after eating, drinking
  6. Weakness of limbs, easily exhaustion
  7. Menses disturbed, too profuse too soon
  8. Gradual loss of weight 
  9. Abdomen swollen and pain
  10. Weakness in small of back, pain in back


  1. Enlargement of glands , growth of tumors
  2. Depressions, timid , take no interest in anything
  3. Severe aching in abdomen, swollen, knife like pain
  4. Dysmenorrhea, menses delayed , breast enlarge become painful, acne
  5.  Dull aching in lumber and sacral region 
  6. Sweat as soon as sleep


  1. All glandular structures affected
  2. Great debility, the slight effort induce perspiration
  3. Menstruation irregular 
  4. Ravenous hunger and much thirst
  5. Gland enlarged, acne on skin
  6. Fever hot flushes all over body with profuse sweating
  7. Great anxiety, depression, melancholy
  8.  Cutting pain in abdomen

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