Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is known as stenosing tenosynovitis. Painful Inflammation of the tendons. It is a painful condition that affects any finger or more than one finger at a time. More common in adults.
Trigger finger is a condition in which one of your fingers gets stuck in a bent position. Fingers may bend or straighten with a snap like a trigger finger pulled and released.
It occurs when inflammation narrows the space Within the sheath that surrounds the tendons in the affected area


The cause of trigger finger is unclear, Inflammation is not a predominant feature.
Risk factors:

●  Rheumatoid arthritis.

●  Carpal tunnel syndrome.

●  Most common in the of 50s.

●  Diabetes, High blood pressure risk factors of trigger finger.

●  Deputreyn contracture.

●  Formation of a bump or nodule at the base of the finger.

●  Repeated gripping or prolonged gripping are risk factors of

trigger finger.

●  Over exercise, exertion.

●  Irritation in the tendon sheath.

●  Injury.


●  Pain in the fingers.

●  Tenderness around the base of your finger.

●  Snapping noise with movement.

●  Stiffness in your finger.

●  Pain and stiffness get worse in the morning.

●  Locking or catching involved fingers.

●  Pain may occur in the palm of the hands and knuckles.

●  In the ring finger and middle finger, a nodule can be felt at

the area of the hands where palms meet fingers.


●  History of signs and symptoms.

●  Physical examination: doctors will ask patients what kind of pain, stiffness, or tenderness they are suffering. Doctor will ask you to open and close your hand, and check the Inflammation, and areas of pain.


● Avoid or reduce gripping.
● Use splints.
● Gentle movement may reduce your stiffness. ● Use Cold packs.

Homeopathic medicines:

●  Arnica: arnica is a well indicated remedy for trigger finger, if the cause of the trigger finger is injury or over exertion. Soreness in the finger and thump after over exertion. Severe pain. Over Sensitive.

●  Ruta graveolens: Ruta graveolens is a very good remedy for trigger finger when straining flexor tendons. Tendency to the formation of deposit in the tendons. Great restlessness. Pain and stiffness in hands.

●  Causticum: causticum can be given in the trigger finger when the cause is rheumatoid arthritis. Weakness. Dull, tearing pain in hands and arms. Better by warmth.

●  Apis mellifica: Apis is a good remedy for trigger finger when inflammation is present. Numbness of hands and

tips of fingers. Worse any form of heat. Oedematous swelling.

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