Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a painful, or chronic condition involving the trigeminal nerve.
Severe pain on one side of the face due to compression, inflammation, or damage to the trigeminal nerve.

More common over the age of 50
It is characterized by stabbing pain. Attack may last for a few seconds or several minutes.
Trigeminal neuralgia may become more frequent.
severe pain on one side of the face due to compression, inflammation, or damage to the trigeminal nerve. It is more commonly occurring over the age of 50. In severe cases, the pain may be so intense that the affected person is unable to do anything and afterwards the pain usually disappears completely.

Causes and risk factors:

The exact cause of trigeminal neuralgia is unknown
● A thrombus stuck in the blood vessels and put pressure on

the nerve
● Multiple sclerosis
● Trigeminal nerve injury

The trigeminal nerve is a mixed cranial nerve responsible for sensory data such as pressure, temperature, and pain originating from the face above the jawline, it is also responsible for the motor function of the muscles of mastication, the muscles involved in chewing but not facial expression.

Trigger factors:

● Brushing
● Shaving
● Speaking
● Eating or drinking
● Washing your face, etc

Sign and Symptoms:

●  Severe pain

●  In early stage, the attack of pain should be mild

●  Pain focused in one spot or spread in Other area like neck, throat pain

●  electric like spasm

●  tingling or numbness in the face before pain develops

●  Pain can be triggered by daily routine such as:

1. while Brushing your teeth 2. Eating or drinking
3. Speaking, etc

You should avoid or take care for prevention of those trigger factors

Management of trigger factors:

●  avoid fast food or eating soft foods.

●  avoiding foods that are too cold or hot.

●  washing your face with lukewarm water, if cold water

triggers an attack. Using cotton pads when washing your face.

●  if tooth brushing triggers an attack, rinsing your mouth with lukewarm water after brushing, as far as possible, avoiding known triggers


●  History of sign and symptoms ask patient the time period of pain or frequency of attack

●  MRI scan to determine the cause of the trigeminal neuralgia

●  Neurological examination

Homeopathic medicines:

● Plumbum metallicum: plumbum met is a well indicated remedy for neuralgia. Tremor of naso labial muscles. Mental depression. Paralysis of single muscle.

● Mygale: mygale is a good remedy for twitching facial muscles. Head jerked on one side. Grating of teeth at night.

● Causticum: causticum can be given in neuralgia caused by multiple sclerosis where the disease has become advanced. Paralysis of the right side. Pain in jaw with difficulty in opening mouth. Also good for pain. paralysis of the body, or a single part. Unsteady walking and falling easily. Weakness, loss of muscle strength.

● Sanguinaria canadensis: sanguinaria is a well indicated for facial neuralgia on the right side which is better by pressing the head against the floor. Facial pain on the right side.

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