When germ cell of ovary start grown abnormally and from tumor in ovarian are called ovarian germ cell tumors

 It mainly affects teen girls, younger women’s

 Ovarian germ cell tumors are mainly benign in origin, malignant grow is rare


   The exact reason is not know what leads to ovarian germ cell tumor

  Female with Birth defect of genitals, urinary tract are more at risk

  Genetic condition that affect sex chromosomes also at higher risk 

  Younger women, teenagers are at higher risk of developing ovarian germ cell tumor those old ladies

     Ovarian problem, cyst, polyp etc also increase risk.


  1. Unusually bleeding from vagina 
  2. Amenorrhea, Menstrual disturbance
  3. Pain in side of ovaries affected 
  4. Heaviness feel in abdomen or pelvic region
  5.  Bloating in abdomen
  6. Urinary trouble
  7. Swelling in Belly


  • Physical examination
  • Pelvic examination

                 – Vaginal examination

  • Blood marking test 
  • CT- scan
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Biopsy ( Laprotomy)


  1. Reduce stress
  2.  Eat healthy,   include fruits and vegetables in diet 
  3.  Drink plenty of water
  4.  Detox body, slay hydrated
  5. Maintained body weight
  6. Regular exercise, yoga
  7. Boost immunity
  8. Quit smoking, limit  drink intake
  9. Regular checkup
  10. Felt any mass on abdomen, unusual bleeding, disturbed menstrual cycle, pain consult doctor immediately.


Apis melifica:-

  1. Dysmenorrhea with sever ovarian pain
  2. Scanty discharge of slimy blood with pain in ovaries
  3. Sensation of heaviness, bearing down, as if menses were appeared
  4. Great tenderness over abdomen and uterine region
  5. Ovarian tumors with stinging pain
  6. Pain in ovaries, worse after sex
  7. Back as if tired and bruised
  8. Dragging pain in lumber region with ovarian and uterine region


  1. Dysmenorrhea violent with fainting 
  2. Labor like pain during menses with fainting
  3.  Leucorrhea acrid and burning in vagina
  4. Pain in right ovaries, from right to left 
  5.  Ovarian tumors
  6. Frequent involuntary urination
  7. Bearing down sensation over bladder
  8. Bloating abdomen
  9. Pain and stiffness in back

Palladium metallicum:

  1. Pain and swelling in right region in ovary
  2. Ovarian pain better after Appling pressure
  3. Cutting pain in uterus, relieved after stool passed
  4. Shooting and burning in pelvis
  5. Right side pain in pelvic and backside
  6. Bearing down sensation, relieved by rubbing
  7. Pain in back and hips
  8. Soreness in abdomen

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