It is a rare type of skin cancer. The cells of skin which are responsible for the sensation of touch are called merkel cells.

Any abnormal growth in the merkel cells lead to the cancer. Merkel cells carcinoma mainly present in the area of body that is exposed to the sun, including head, neck and arms. But it can also develop in other area of skin.

CAUSES: – the exact cause of merkel cell carcinoma is unknown. But several factors of MCC are as follows:-

  1. From a long time exposure of UV radiation is major risk factors of MCC.
  2. Those people who have weak immune system are at higher risk of MCC.
  3. It is mainly occurs above the age of 50.
  4. History of previous skin cancer.
  5. Merkel cell polymavirus is also a cause of MCC.


  1. A flesh colored, pink or red or bluish lump on the skin.
  2. Ulceration of skin. Burning, redness, and soreness in the affected area.
  3. The affected lymph nodes are swollen, enlarged and palpable.
  4. MCC has a tendency to grow very rapidly.
  5. Numbness, tingling or pain in affected area.
  6. Itching or tenderness.
  7. The skin may become thickened, scaly or have a shiny appearance.
  8.  Sometime ulcerated area may bleed.
  9. Facial weakness, fatigue, lethargic.
  10. Loss of weight.
  11. Loss of appetite.


  1. A thorough physical examination of skin lesion.
  2. CT SCAN.
  3. MRI SCAN.
  4. PET SCAN.
  5. BIOPSY:  – sentinel lymph node biopsy.
  6. CBC.



  1. Skin is dry, scaly, and unhealthy.
  2. Every little injury suppurates.
  3. Itching, burning, worse scratching and washing.
  4. Pimply eruption, pustules, rhagdes, hangs nails.


  1. Rough, hard skin.
  2. Persistent dryness in portions of skin.
  3. Early stage of keloid and fibroma.
  4. Eruption oozing out a sticky exudation.
  5. Unhealthy skin.
  6. Discharge from ulcers.
  7. Sweating of feet.


  1. Abscesses.
  2. Suppurates with prickly pain.
  3. Unhealthy skin, every little injury suppurates.
  4. Deep cracks on hands and feet.
  5. Ulcers very sensitive to contact, burning, stinging, and easily bleeding.
  6. Can’t bear to ne uncovered.
  7. Constant offensive exhalations from the body.

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