melanocytes are the cells that are present in skin.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer when forms in the melanocytes cells. Melanocytes are responsible for producing the pigment melanin which gives color to the skin, hairs and eyes.

Growing abnormally and multiply of these cells cause and form a malignant tumor.

It is very much harmful and dangerous form of cancer of skin.

It spreads very rapidly.


The main cause of melanoma is exposure of UV radiation from sun.

  1. Some inherited gene mutations can increase the risk of melanoma.
  2. Fairy skin people are at higher risk.
  3. Large no. of moles or unusual moles increases. The risk of melanoma.
  4. Those people who have weak immune system are at higher risk.
  5. It mainly found in 50-60 years of age.
  6. It affects men and women equally.
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SYMPTOMS: – symptoms of melanoma are as follows:-

  1. Changes in the appearance of moles, changes in size, shape, color and texture of moles.
  2. The lesions of melanoma are irregular in shape and asymmetrical.
  3. Jagged, blurred and irregular borders of lesions of melanoma.
  4. Color can be change in black, brown, blue, red, or white.
  5. Itching, bleeding or formation of crusty or scaly surface of lesion.
  6. Tenderness, pain or itching, burning on affected part.


  1. Dermatoscopy.
  2. Biopsy of mole or lesion.
  3. CT SCAN.
  4. PET SCAN.
  6. BIOPSY: – punch biopsy, incisional biopsy, excisional biopsy etc.
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  1. Dry skin, with brown spots.
  2. Zona, herpetic eruptions.
  3. Eruptions only on covered parts.
  4. Brown spots on hands and arms.
  5. Freckles and blotches.
  6. Polyp, tubercles, warts, carbuncles, ulcers.
  7. Perspiration sweetish and strong.
  8. Very sensitive to touch.


  1. Dry, scaly, unhealthy skin.
  2. Every little injury suppurates.
  3. Freckles. 
  4. Burning, itching, worse scratching and washing.
  5. Skin affection after local medication.
  6. Pimply eruption, pustules, Rhagae, hang-nails.


  1. Felons, abscesses, boil ulcers.
  2. Cracks on finger tips.
  3. Rose colored blotches.
  4. Promotes expulsion of foreign bodies from tissues.
  5. Crippled nails.
  6. Scars suddenly become painful.

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