Lip and oral cavity cancer refers to the formation of cancerous cells in the tissues of lip and oral cavity.

In oral cavity many things are include such as mouth, tongue, palate, gums and inner lining of the cheeks.


  • It is mainly of squamous cells that are thin and affects the any part of the oral cavity.
  • Verrucous carcinoma and have a warty appearance. It grows very slowly and rarely spread to other parts of the body.

CAUSES: – there are many causes and risk factors of this cancer which are as follows:-

 Smoking cigarettes, cigars are the main cause of lip and oral cavity cancer.

Alcohol consumption from a long time is also a big cause of this cancer.

Those people who chew betel nut or pan regularly are at higher risk for this cancer.

Some viral infections like HPV are also a cause of lip and oral cavity cancer. 

Due to poor oral hygiene and not maintaining regular dental care are at higher risk of developing this cancer.

Weak immune system.

Prolonged and excessive exposure to sunlight can increase the risk of lip cancer.

It is common in old people and risk increase with age.

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Symptoms of lip and oral cavity cancer

  1. Recurrent mouth ulcers and sore mouth.
  2. White and red patches on gums, tongue, tonsils.
  3. Persistent pain in mouth.
  4. Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing).
  5. Difficulty in chewing.
  6. Formation of lump, or mass on lips, gums, or any other area of mouth.
  7. Numbness in mouth lips and tongue.
  8. Change in speech due to effects on tongue.
  9. Loosening of teeth.
  10. Swelling or soreness in mouth.
  11. Loss of weight.
  12. Weakness.
  13. Fatigue.
  14. Loss of appetite.
  15. Ear pain.
  16. Bleeding from mouth.
  17. Swollen lymph nodes.
  18. Difficulty in moving the jaw or tongue.
  19. Changes in taste or loss of taste.
  20. Bad breath.


 Stop smoking and intake of tobacco.

Reduced alcohol consumption.

Maintain proper oral hygiene.

Protect lips from sun exposure.

Eat healthy diet.

If any teeth issue, then treatment from dental is necessary.


  1. Physical examination of lips, mouth.
  2. All imaging tests:- 
  3. X-ray.
  4. Ultrasound.
  5. CT- SCAN.
  6. MRI- SCAN.
  7.  PET- SCAN.
  8. Dental evaluation.
  9. CBC.
LIP AND ORAL CAVITY CANCER homeopathy treatment in zirakpur



  1.  Sweetish metallic taste.
  2. Gums spongy recede, bleed easily.
  3. Sore pain on touch and from chewing.
  4. Furrow on the upper surface of tongue lengthwise.
  5. Fetid odor from mouth.
  6. Crown of teeth decay.


  1. Epithelioma of li0ps.
  2. Unhealthy, easily bleeding gums.
  3. Ulceration of mouth with dryness and burning heat.
  4. Tongue dry, clean and red.
  5. Stiches and burning pain in the tongue.
  6. Metallic taste.
  7. Gulping up of burning water.


  1. Putrid breath.
  2. Bleeding from gums.
  3. Painful pimples on the sides of gums.
  4. Tongue clean, red and wet with a central furrow.
  5. Ulcers on soft palate, with sharp, splinter like pains.
  6. Bloody saliva.

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