Ear Discharge

Ear Discharge

Ear discharge is also known as otorrhea.

Any fluid that comes out from the ear is known as ear discharge and most of the time it is earwax. Ear wax is oil, which our body naturally produces to protect them from bacteria, dust, and other foreign particles that do not get into the ear.


The ear wax makes its way to come out from the ear, which is natural, but sometimes there is an infection like a Middle ear infection.

Otitis media is a common cause of discharge from the ear. It happens when bacteria or viruses make their way to the middle ear. The middle ear is situated behind the eardrum. It contains three bones called ossicles that are the vitals of hearing. infection occurs behind the eardrum due to the excessive accumulation of the fluid, which is the favorable environment for the proliferation of the bacteria’s.

Trauma is also one of the causes of ear discharge when we clean the ear with a cotton swab if we push it too deep. Acoustic trauma is damage to the ear due to extremely loud noise.

Swimmer’s ear otitis externa: it’s bacteria’s, fungus and insects in your ear canal that cause infection. The discharge contains blood, transparent liquid, pus, and cloudy liquids that accompany earache, fever, and nausea.


It may not be possible to prevent causes of ear discharge, but prevention is always better than cure. So there are tips are given below.

1. Don’t put any foreign objects like pens, pencils, or cotton swabs in the ear.

2. Dry your ear thoroughly after washing.

3. Allow water to drain from the ear after bathing or swimming.

4. Take precautions to avoid pressure damage, such as flying.

5. Wearing earplugs or muffles to protect your ears from loud noise.

Homeopathic medicines for the Ear Discharge

Kali Mur: it helps to treat chronic discharge, deafness, and noise in the ear. These noises are worse in blowing the nose or swallowing.

Silicea: it is highly recommended in treating ear discharge with the dullness of hearing and different kinds of noises in the ear.

Tellurium: it is prescribed in the ear when there is thin watery and smells offensive, like fish brine it also helps in the intense aridity and excoriating nature.

Merc sol: it helps when discharge accompanies ear pain. The pain is tearing and shooting in nature. Pain is worse at night. The color of the discharge is yellow, an offensive smell.

Psorinum: It also indicated medicines for the discharge which is offensive in nature, the character of discharge like fetid, putrid, and offensive. There is intolerable itching and pain.

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