Developmental Delayed

Developmental Delayed

Introduction: Child development refers to how the child is learning a basic skill as he or she is growing with age. Development is different from growth. Growth means a child is getting bigger in size, whereas Developmental skills are:

●  gross motor skills

●  language skills

●  Cognitive skills

●  Social skills, etc.

Developmental milestones are a group of basic skills that most children can do at a certain age group, and when a child can not do the basic skill at the expected time known as delayed milestones or developmental delay.

Many infants developed at their own pace, and temporarily delayed milestones are considered normal but there are possibilities of problems.

Basic milestones are:

●  Smiling at around 1 and half months.

●  Rolling on their back on the bed at around 4th or 5th


●  Sitting without supports at 6 months.

●  Teething round at 9th or 10th month.

●  Crawling after the 9th month.

●  Speak basic words like mama, papa at the age of 1.

●  May take a few steps without support at the age of 1.

Causes of delayed milestones: ● Down’s syndrome.

●  Landau-kleffner syndrome.

●  Autism spectrum disorder.

●  Cerebral palsy.

●  Premature birth.

●  Head injury at the time of birth.

●  Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

●  Muscular dystrophy.

●  Fragile x syndrome.

●  Lack of oxygen during delivery.

●  Child abuse or neglect.

●  Hearing loss due to certain medications, trauma, and a

genetic disorder. Symptoms:

1. Speech can be delayed.
2. Teething can be delayed.
3. Signs of cerebral palsy can be there like:

â—‹  Movement is stiff and rigid.

â—‹  Can’t hold up head.

â—‹  Drooling of saliva.

â—‹  Delayed motor movements like pushing up on arms,

sitting up, and crawling.

â—‹  Difficulty in walking or walking on toes.

â—‹  Difficulty in eating.

â—‹  Learning skills are poor.

4. Signs of autism spectrum disorders: A. do not respond if called by their name. B. Do not play with others.
C.Repetitive behavior.

Homeopathy medicine for delayed milestone:

Calcarea carb: it is well-indicated medicine for delayed milestones. This is most suitable for a fatty fair and flabby child with slow learning to walk and have slow dentition. Children are sluggish, dull, and lethargic.

Calcarea phos: it can be given to a child with slow physical and mental growth. Delayed dentition and slow learning in walk and talk. A child is thin and emaciated. Weak digestion.

Baryta carb: baryta carb is given to the child who is a dwarfish mentally and physically. It acts best in cerebral palsy. A child is unable to hold up his neck. Injury on head at the time of birth.

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