Dermatophytes are also called ringworms. It is a skin infection caused by fungus. It can occur anywhere in the body like the scalp, face, abdomen, legs, groins, hands and nails, etc.


●  There are 40 different species of fungi causing ringworm like trichophyton, Microsporum and epidermophyton.

●  It is contagious and can spread from skin to skin touch. So if one family member is suffering from fungal infection, there are chances of spreading infection in another family member if using the same towel, clothes, etc.

●  Damp rooms or places are favourable factors for growing of fungus.

●  Sharing towels, clothes, soap, bed, footwear spreads infection.


Reddish, small papules, raised rashes in a circular manner (rashes form a ring with raised border).

Irresistible itching with burning sensation.

Watery or sticky discharge from blisters.

Bald patches over the scalp.

Brittle nails with thickening and blackish discoloration.

● Tinea pedis: fungal infection of feet called tinea pedis.

●  Tinea unguium : fungal infection of nails especially toe nails called tinea unguium.

●  Tinea corporis: fungal infection occurs on full body parts called tinea corporis.

●  Tinea cruris : fungal infection of groin region is called tinea cruris. It is also named as jock’s itch.

●  Tinea manuum: fungal infection of hands called tinea manuum.

●  Tinea capitis: fungal infection of scalp called tinea capitis.

●  Tinea faciei: fungal infection of face called tinea faciei.

●  Tinea barbae: fungal infection of the beard area called

tinea barbae.

●  Tinea versicolor: depigmented white circular spots over

the body called tinea versicolor.

●  Tinea nigra : fungal infection that causes dark brown

patches of hands and feet. Diagnosis:

● KOH ( potassium hydroxide preparation ) and calcofluor white stain to rule out whether it’s fungal or other skin problems.

● Fungal culture: to rule out which bacteria has caused this problems.


●  Proper hygiene should be maintained.

●  Keep the affected area clean and dry.

●  Do not apply oil and moisturizer in the affected area as

fungus grows more in moist areas.

●  It keeps the area cool and dry.

●  Separate towel and soap.

●  Do not share clothes, shoes, or bed as it is contagious.

●  Wash clothes in warm water and proper sun exposure

should be done.

●  Clean and dry body completely after bathing.

●  Do not wear tight clothes and undergarments.

Homeopathy management:

●  Tellurium : tellurium is well marked in tinea corporis . larged size of patches occurs over the body that covers large areas of the body. Excessive itching day and night. Itching aggravated in cold open air .

●  Sepia : sepia is well marked in fungal infection affecting the knees and elbows . It can occur in any part of the body. Excessive itching and no relief after scratching. Mental symptoms are well marked as sepia patients are indifferent towards family children , friends etc.

●  Graphites : graphite is well indicated for tinea cruris also known as jock’s itch. Skin is dry and rough with severe itching and appearance crust which oozes out moisture that is sticky.

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