Cancer in children can occur in any part of the body ie. blood, lymphnode,spinal cord, kidney other orgon.

Cancer in childhood is uncommon. 

Cancer happen when normal healthy cell become unheathy and start growing abnormally in any tissue or orgon of body

The exaxt cause in most of cases is not known yet what leads to carcimnoma.

CHILDHOOD cancer homeopathy treatment in zirakpur

 Types of childhood cancer:-

    Some commonly seen cancer in childhood are:-

  •   Acute lymphoblastic lukemia
  •   Acute myeloid leukemia
  •  Brain and spinal cord tumors

                            — Astrocytoma

                            — Glioblastoma

                            — Choroid plexus carcinoma

                            — Gangliocytoma

                            — Neurocytoma

                            — Pineal tumors

  • Neuroblastoma 
  • Non- Hodgkin lymphoma and hodgkin lymphoma
  • Kidney tumor – wilms tumor
  • Osteosarcoma- Bones
  • Germ cell tumor
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Pleuropulmonary blastoma- lung cancer
  • Hepatoblastoma and hepatocellular carcinoma


 In childrens and adults sign and symptoms varies even the site and location of cancer growth is same.

CHILDHOOD cancer homeopathy treatment in zirakpur

Sign and symptoms of cancer depends upon which tissues, orgon is affected.

 Common symptoms:- 

  1. Weakness, fatigue
  2.  Weight loss
  3. Pain
  4. Seizers in brain tumors
  5. Lymph nods swelling
  6. Bleeding easily , bruising
  7. Eye sight/ vision changes sudden


  1. Physical examination
  2. CT-scan
  3. MRI
  4. Biopsy
  5. Spinal and Aspiration
  6. Blood test


  1. Observe child catrefully if any uncommon symptom or behavioural sign obsered consult doctor
  2. Boost Immunity 
  3. Regular excercise and healthy diet
  4. Avoid junk food, unhealthy food.


     Bryta carb: 

  1.  Abdomen hard and tense , distended
  2. Gums bleed easily, epistaxis frequentely 
  3. Swollen glands in nape of neck, fatty tumor around the neck
  4. Numbness of limbs, pain in joints, weakness of spine
  5. Specially indicated in infancy, useful in degenerative changes begin

Calcaria carb:-

  1. Pale skin,chalky look
  2. Rheumatied pain, tearing in muscles
  3. Night sweat
  4. Petechial erruptions
  5. Gland swollen
  6. Pain as if sprained
  7. eyes Sensative to light , eyes fatigue easily
  8. Dimness of vision
  9. Weakness with great senstivity to cold

 Mercurius sol:

  1. Indicated medicine for affections of lymphatic systems, bone glands, blood
  2. Weakness of limbs, bone pain, pain in the limbs
  3. Lacerating pain in joints 
  4. Fever with profuse pespiration
  5. Pale, earthy, dirty looking face
  6. Weak digestion, liver enlarged
  7. Anemia

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