Cervicitis is the swelling and infection of the uterine cervix. Cervix is the lower part of the uterus. It connects the vagina to the uterus.

Causes of cervicitis :

Cervicitis can occur due to infection mainly caused by

chlamydia and gonorrhea that is caused by mycoplasma

and trichomonas vaginalis.

Sexully transmitted infection.

Injury in the cervix may cause infection and swelling in

her cervix.

Low level of oestrogen and high level of progesterone

may cause infection in the cervix.

Symptoms :

Vaginal discharges that can vary in color can be grayish

yellowish and white etc.

Offensive discharges with pruritis.

Burning sensation and severe pain while having sex.

Pain in the lower abdomen and in the inguinal region that

may extend to the back.

Risk factors :

●  Unprotected sex : sexual intercourse without condoms can

cause infection.

●  Multiple sexual partners.

●  Women using tampons during menses can cause injury

to the cervix. Diagnosis :

●  Pap smear : in which swab taken from cervix and to see any abnormality and mainly for the diagnosis of cervical cancer.

●  Culture of cervical discharge : to see which organism has caused infection.

●  Physical examination of cervix . Management :

Use of condom while having sexual intercourse can prevent infection.

Hygiene should be maintained.

Avoid frequent douching it may cause infection due to

changes in the ph level of vagina.

Avoid products that cause irritation and infection to ther


Limit the use of tampons and give preferences to the

sanitary napkins.

Homeopathy management :

●  Kreosotum : it is well indicated medicine for cervicitis with offensive discharge. Discharge is of greenish yellowish colour that is putrid and corrosive. It is very acrid that causes itching and irritation in the inside of vagina.

●  Alumina : it can be given in cervicitis where extreme burning is present in the cervix. Profuse transparent discharge from the genitals that causes irritation and burning . burning relieved by washing with cold water.

●  Natrum muriaticum : it is well indicated in cervicitis caused by chlamydial infection . Discharge is white thick

and profuse occurs especially at night . smarting type of pain in the cervix with intolerable itching especially at night.

● Sepia : sepia is well marked in pelvic inflammatory diseases that may cause cervicitis . Painful coition is well marked symptoms in sepia. Discharge is an offensive and yellowish green color that may cause peeling of the upper layer of the cervix and results in extreme burning and pain at night.

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