Carbuncle is the group of pus filled pimples under the skin. It is mainly caused by bacterial infection and can spread from one part to another part of the body and can spread to another person at the same time. Mostly affects the nape of the neck.


Staphylococcus bacteria mainly caused carbuncles to the skin.

Carbuncle is the complication of folliculitis.

Insect bites

Any injury to skin where bacteria has entered into broken skin may

cause skin infection.

Person with poor hygiene can have chances to develop carbuncle.

Signs and symptoms:

It always starts from one small red pimple and increases in numbers and size.

Bunch of pus filled pimples under the skin and pus oozes out is the characteristic feature of carbuncle.

It can be small in size and big in size.

Its is very painful


Risk factors:

People who had recent attacks of folliculitis are prone to develop carbuncles.


People with poor hygiene can develop a bacterial infection.

Sharing the towel and clothes of an infected person can spread the

bacterial infection to another person.


● Diagnosiscanbemadebysimplylookingatit.
● Cultureofdischargeincaseofrecurrentattackofbacterial

infection. Management:

Maintain hygiene, wash clothes, towels, undergarments regularly, and dry properly in sunlight.

Avoid contact and don’t share clothes and towels with the infected person.

Give warm compresses in an affected area 2 to 4 times a day that will help in drainage of pus and leads to faster recovery.

Wash hands properly after touching the affected parts will help in preventing infection.

Homeopathy management :

Anthracinum : it is well indicated for carbuncles and malignant

ulcers. Boils and boils like eruptions are well marked. Inflammation and oedema with purulent discharge. Well marked in septic condition.

Silicea : it can be given in boils and abscess. It helps in clearing of old ulcers filled with puss. Carbuncle in nape of neck and shoulder.

Carbolic acid : carloblic acid is given where carbuncles associated with diabetes. Difficulty in healing. Discharge is offensive and outrid.

Merc iod : merc iod can be given in initial stage of boils or carbuncles, where there is inflammation with severe pain in the affected part . throbbing type of pain in the affected

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