Body Pain

Body Pain


 it is a unpleasant sensation which causes disturbance in the body and they was triggered by nervous system.its onset can be gradually or suddenly depending upon the many factors. Every individual have there own experience in body pain.

Types of pain

1 acute pain

2 chronic pain

Acute pain have sudden onset results from an illness like injuries or in some disease like acute pancreatitis, acute appendix or many other disease. It’s onset suddenly, but gradually diminished 

If it treated properly than it will remove with in 2 to 3 months.if left untreated acute pain may lead to chronic pain.

Chronic pain 

May persists over time and may have no apparent cause even after an injuries has healed and any other illness may subside chronic pain may persists Even an year may resulting loss of sleep inability to function normally.

Some body pain have common like headache is a most common medical complaint in the world and back pain is second most common complaint. Each year percentage of the experience of these body pain number increases.

Things that can cause the body pain.

Poor posture

Over and improper exercises

Poor physical condition

Suddenly awkward movement

Using muscle, ligaments for excessive moving

Homoeopathic medicines for body pain 

Rhus tox

Pain tearing in tendons, ligaments and fascia.

Pain character stiffness, paralyzed

Lose of muscular power in affected part.

Tenderness around the area.

Kali carb

Uneasiness, heaviness and tearing pain in limbs,

Pain in knees arthritis

Body sensitive to pressure,

Tips of toes and fingers painf.

Lobelia inflata

Pain in the sacrum, cannot bear slightest touch

Pain character worse patient can not sit properly.


Jerking . Bruised feeling in body pain 

Sprain in the affected part

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