Body Odor

Body Odor


Body odor is generally a mix combination of the sweat and the bacteria.

It perceived an unpleasant smell our bodies can give off when bacteria that live on the skin break down sweat into acids.

Causes of body odor

It is a bacterial breaking down sweat largely linked to apocrine gland which are present on breast, ear, genitalia, armpit and foot.

Foot sweat found very offensive in some people, due to not evaporate into the air because in foot smell people wear shocks and shoes People who are obese those who regularly eat spicy food as well as individual with certain medical condition as a diabeties are more susceptible to having body odor, too much sweat called hyper tridrosis.

Sweat as general

Generally body odor is seen on whole body , because we have skin pores on whole body, but some area have marked sweating like armpit, feet, groin, genitals, pubic hairs,on belly button area,anus, behind the ears etc

Some people have pleasant and specific smells to individuals that can be used to identify people, and some people have very offensive and pungent,cheese smells which can not be tolerated by other.each person have unique body odor can be influenced by diet , gender, health and medication.

Homoeopathic medicine for the perspiration

1. Silicea

2. Hepar sulph

3. Baryta carb

4. Psorinum

5. Rheum

Silicea: in this remedy the body odor, profuse sweating from hands and feets,

Offensive smell from the perspiration.

Heper sulph: unhealthy skin, chapped skin,

Offensive odor,

Psorinum: skin dirty, oily skin, 

Offensive smell,

Left a yellow stain on the clothes.

Rheum: sweat on hairy scalp,

Constant and profuse sweating,

Cool sweat on face, especially around the mouth and nose.

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