Eye twitching is an uncontrolled blinking,spasm of eyelids, eye twitching usually affects eye muscles of both eyes.twitching of eyelids is spontaneous and uncontrolled spasm of muscles, which move the eyelid

Blephrospasm is marked abnormal or excessive blinking.

When blepharospasm is associated with lower facial dystonia it known as meige syndrome.

Causes of blepharospasm

The causes may vary person to person,but the exact cause of blepharitis is not clear ,it may transfer genetically or run hereditary. To work in bright light, lots of stress around the eye area fatiquemay cause it.

If patient experiance with some disease like bells palsy,parkinsons disease may be one of cause.

Symptoms of blepharospasm

 Initial feeling of squinting.

Eyelids heaviness,

Pain or tension around the eyelids,

Later stage the vision function can be affected simply because the eye closure interferes with vision.

Homoeopathic treatment for the blepharospasm

  1. Agaricus: reading difficult, as type seems move, swim. Diplopia, dim and flickering. Asthenopia from prolonged strain,spasm twitching of lids and eyeballs Inner canthi very red.
  1. Physostigma: night blindness, Contraction of pupils, Twitching of ocular muscles, Spasm of ciliary muscles. Profuse lacrimation.
  1. Euphrasia: the eyes water all the time Acrid lachrymation, Frequent inclination to blink. Glaucoma
  1. Codeinum: involuntary twitching og eyes Trembling and twitching in the muscles, Numbness and prickling.  

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