Blepharitis is the inflammation of the eyelids caused by

blockage of oil-secreting glands placed at the base of each eyelash.


●  Parasite Demodex folliculorum present in an excessive

number over eyelids causes blepharitis.

●  An Immune deficient person can have blepharitis.

●  Blockage of the meibomian gland (oil-secreting glands) at

the base of eyes can cause irritation, redness and grainy

sensation to eyelids.

●  Bacterial infection, especially staphylococci, enters into

the oil secreting gland and can cause infection to eyelids. A person who wears contact lenses is more prone to have an infection of the eyes.

●  Irritation caused by some environmental factors like dust particles, cats or dogs, dander or chemicals etc.

●  If a person is suffering from seborrheic dermatitis they have chances to get an infection.

●  Poor hygiene can lead to parasite deposition over eyelids and cause blepharitis.

Signs and symptoms :

●  Burning sensation and itching of eyelids.

●  The sensation of sand particles in the eyes.

●  Excessive irritation of eyes with watery discharge.

●  Eyelids get stuck together.

●  Blurred vision due to crust deposition.

●  Flaking of skin over eyelids.

●  Light sensitivity.

●  Frequent blinking.

●  Eyelash loss due to excessive multiplication of bacteria over eyelids.

●  Blepharitis from a prolonged period can lead to scarring of eyelids with blurred vision and corneal ulcers.

Complications :

●  Blepharitis doesn’t harm the eyes usually, but if left untreated can lead to blurring of vision and loss of eyelashes.

●  Chalazion: bacterial infection of oil-secreting glands at eyelids margin.

●  Style

●  Conjunctivitis

●  Dry eyes

●  Damage to the cornea.

Types of blepharitis :

●  Anterior nephritis: Inflammation of the outer side of


●  Posterior blepharitis: inflammation of the inner side of


● Examination of eyes.
● Swab test of eyes to rule out bacterial infection.


● Self-care is important, clean eyes every day with warm water gently with a soft cotton cloth.

● Eye drops must be used for dry eyes.

●  Proper treatment should be taken for seborrheic dermatitis.

●  Wash your eyes.

Homeopathy management :

●  Apis mellifica : this medicine is given when there is

edema of both eyelids with burning stinging pain in the eyes. Feels relief after cold compression. Burning hot discharge from the eyes. Nasal discharge is burning and hot.

●  Euphresia : it is well known for eyes. Eyes are red and swollen. Profuse lachrymation . discharge is profuse and causes irritation to the eyes. Itching and burning sensation of the eyes.

●  Hepar sulphuris calcareum : this medicine is well marked in sore bruised feelings of eyes. Discharge is of yellowish color that is sticky and may stick eyelids together especially in the morning. Discharge can cause burning or irritation to the eyes.

●  Sulphur : this medicine is given when eyes are red and swollen with burning smarting pain in the eyes. Conjunctiva is red . discharge is profuse and hot that causes pain and smarting pain to the eyes. Symptoms get worse by heat or sunlight .

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