Blemish is the term used for any kind of mark on the skin. Blemishes are harmless, but some people treat them for cosmetic reasons.

It is a type of mark, spot, discoloration that appears on the skin. Blemishes on the face may be emotionally upsetting, but there is nothing to worry about that as these are not life-threatening.

Types of Blemishes:

Acne – Acne is a common condition that is caused when sebum (oil) or dirt clogs the hair follicles. It causes whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples.

Age spots (liver spots) – These are small, dark spots that can form on any area of the body that has been exposed to the sun.

Melasma – Melasma cause brown or gray patches on the skin, mainly on the face due to hormonal changes. Melasma is most commonly appears during pregnancy.

Cold sores – Herpes simplex virus is responsible for cold sores.

Scars – Scarring of the skin when the dermis layer becomes damaged.

Hyperpigmentation – Overproduction of melanin causes uneven skin tone.


●  Viruses – blemishes like cold sores caused by viruses.

●  Hormonal disturbances.

●  Sun exposure.

●  Poor hygiene.

●  Clogged pores.

●  Diet – a diet high in sugar and simple carbohydrate leads

to blemishes.

●  Medications like steroids.

●  Environmental toxins, dirt, pollution, etc.

●  Makeup products, chemical-based creams are risk factors

for blemishes.

Colour of blemishes

●  Brown – Melasma cause brownish or greying patches on the skin.

●  Red – Blemishes that appear red on the skin include – 1. Pimples.

2. Pustules.
3. Allergic reactions.

●  Black-blackheads may be surrounded by a halo red or as black, raised dots.


● Dark spots on the skin.
● Melasma, butterfly pigmentation during pregnancy. ● Scarring of the skin.
● Blackheads, whiteheads.

● Cystic acne.
● Discoloration of the skin.


●  Get adequate sleep.

●  Exercise to flush out toxins.

●  Eat healthy food.

●  Reduce exposure to UV rays.

●  Regular cleansing of your face, body, and hair can help

eliminate excess bacteria and oil from the skin.

●  Drink plenty of water.

●  Avoid excessive physical or emotional stress.

Homeopathic treatment

At Dr.Chhabra’s clinic, we believe in fine work treatment according to one’s mental and physical health. Our Remedies are well selected by the team of doctors. Many factors contribute to the selection of medicines like stress, depression, hormonal changes, etc.

Improving the efficiency of skin is the foremost thing. Other symptoms like male pattern facial hair growth, acne, obesity, stress, dark spots, and hormonal imbalance are equally taken care of at Dr. Chhabra healthcare.

The most beneficial part of homeopathic treatment is that it cures the patient as a whole.

There is no side effect of homeopathic treatment.

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