Bleeding Gums Or Gingivitis

Bleeding Gums Or Gingivitis


Your beautiful smile can be affected by the disease name Gingivitis which is the inflammation of the gums it make thin film layer of plaque on the tooth or accumulate the food material the edges or joint of gums make bacterial growth which if not treated on time that leads to periodontitis and that serious condition of inflammation leads to loss of teeths.

Causes of gingivitis

The main cause of unhygeine of oral health with accumulation of plaque or bacteria at the site or around the teeth.
Plaque triggers the immune response which turn into destruction of gingival or gums and tissues that lose the teeth.

Some bacteria might help to protect mouth from colonization of harmful on the other ,if we not properly clean up mouth that bacteria turn into plaque film
Plaque actually invites the bacteria or tartar to causes the inflammation.

Sign and symptoms

Inflammation of the gums redness ,softening of gums Food particles stuck on the edges of the teeth Halitosis bad breath
Bleeding from the gums

If it diagnosis the gingivitis than definitely goes to doctors for the proper medication

Risk factors

Some people have disease like diabetes HIV cancer linked with higher risk of gingivitis
Some type of medication which especially use for the gastric treatment or saliva that causes problem.

Smoking also causes the bacterial growth of the mouth.

Poor diet or continuous use of sweets or other food product which rich in sugar like candies also leads to gingivitis

Family history also risk factors.


Prevention is better than cure that sentence applicable is gingivitis oral health is most important part of general health, proper brushing teeth ,twice a day is necessary.

Choice of brush is also important part of oral health, some brushes have hard bristle that causes small injuries at the joint of teeth that causing bleeding.vigorously brushing causing inflammation

Homoeopathic treatment for gingivitis

Merc sol: bleeding gums Swollen and redness Painful ragged.

Gumboils. Speech difficult

Chamomillabursting pain at the root of edges, which ameliorates by hard pressing by teeth
Irritation with inflammation
Swollen of the gums

Hypericum: sharp cutting neurotic pain which extend to neck downward,
Slight swelling at gum junction.

Calendula: inflammation of gums,
Continuous help to reduce the chance of infection, Red swollen gums easily treated withthis medicine.

Iodium: loses gums bleed easily which brushing. Grandular enlargement
Tongue thick coated with tarter,
Offensive odorfrom mouth with lose gums red swollen.

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