Barbers Itch Or Tinea Barbae

Barbers Itch Or Tinea Barbae

It is a kind of fungal infection skin conditions that affects the beared area  including face , neck , chin , upper lip etc,its also called bearded ring worm, due to its  nature of the condition it mostly occurs in adult males more than any other demographic.

Cause of barbers itch 

It is highly contagious can be spread from person to person through direct or indirect  contact. 

Basically our life style ,diet, and even pre existing health condition can make you  vulnerable and more susceptible to catching the affect. 

Weak immune system 

Immune system responsible for vothe protecting you against inward pathogens or potential threats.when you have not good immune system than your body is more prone to vulnerable to  infection and bad bacteria finds it easier to enter your body pre existing disease such as diabetes,  obesity, stress or hyperthyroidism can weaken your immune system will Become more contact to  fungal infection. 

Poor nutrition: balance diet is a biggest key of good health. When we not taking proper amount  of food that can lead us towards diseases. Poor nutrition is also responsible Fungal infection. 

Stress: continue stay in stress , that can exhaust our immune system due to that our defensing  machanism wil be effect badly which lead to get more fungal infection. 

Poor hygiene: its also main factor for the fungal infection or the barbers itch.regularly  shaving from outside, not clean the beard area, sweating , sharp blade use for shaving is  also responsible for barbers itch 

Sign and symptoms

1.Pimples or blisters around affected area ,

2.swelling and redness around the neck area,

3. Red and lumpy skin on infected area.

4.crusting growth around infected area 

5. Hairs effortlessly pull-out 

6.it some time itchy or painful 

7.swelling with marked redness around the papules. 

Homoeopathic management for barbers itch 
Antim tart: for the pustule eruption, Red swelling.

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