Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

Introduction its also called emotional dysregulation disorder according to its name clearly indicate mental health, patient may have experiance with impulsive behaviour, worthlessness felling, nervous excitement etc. the exact pathology behind this is unknown it develop gradually or sudden grief, bad news shock etc

Causes of BPD

Exact cause is unknown but some causes are there like continuous stress,mental grief, actualy its post traumatic stress disorder , tremandous bad news effect , family disturbances etc

Sign and symptoms 

It include emotional instability

insecurity of mind 


impulsive behaviour, 

People may also experience with mental conflicts that worse the condition, anxiety, self destructive behaviour, 

Self harm,

Destroyed self image,

Mental instability,

Sudden mood change,

anxiety ,melancholic,sad,

Impulsive behaviour,

Impaired  social relationship

Not properly balance personal or professionally relationshi

Homoeopathioc ,management in BPD

In homoeopathy we have such a gread one remedies for the bpd that can help the patients to cure the mental disorder and to help the patient to stay in mental calmness .

Natrum mur: to help reduce mental symptoms like depression, anxiety,sad mood hasty , anger, fright ,wants to be alone, cry tear with laughter.

Ignatia: good remedy for changeable mood, introspective,melancholic, sad, tearful,not communicative, disappointment  .

Pulsatilla: weeps easily, timid, irresolute,

Fears in the evening of being alone,

Easily discouraged, morbid dread of opposite sex,

Religious melancholy,

Highly emotional,

Iodium anxiety when quiet, depression ,

No reference to  future,

Sudden impulsive to run to get violent

Shuns every one ,

Melancholic, sucidal tendency,

Sepia: indifferent ot those loved best,

averse to occupation to family.

 Irritable, easily offended. 

Dreads to be alone,

Miserly, indolent      

Lycopodium melancholic, afraid to be alone,

Extremely sensitive,

Loss of self confidence,

Hurried when eating,

Constant fear of breaking down under stress,


Weak memory , confused thoughts,

Failing brain power,

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