Nasopharyngeal cancer is upper part of throat behind the nose. When the lining cell of nasopharynx become cancerous and grows out of control is called nasopharyngeal cancer.


  Exact cause is not known but certain risk factors increase chance of development of nasopharyngeal cancers;

  • Infection- Epstein- BAR Virus linked with development of nasopharyngeal cancer.

     — Human papillomovirus infection

  • Family history 
  • Smoking
  • Heavy drinkers
  • Diet – cooking salt food make chemical nitrosamine which is carcinogen consuming such diet also increase nasopharyngeal cancer.


  1. Facial pain 
  2. Nasal blockage, bleeding from nose
  3. Ear infection – recurrent in nature
  4. Loss of hearing, ringing in ear, fullness feeling
  5. Pain in head 
  6. Trouble in talking, voice change
  7. Breathing trouble 
  8. Difficult or trouble in opening mouth
  9. Fever irritation in eyes, nose


  • Physical  examination 
  • Nasopharyngoscopy – Direct

                             – Indirect

  • CT-scan
  • MRI


  1. Quit smoking
  2. Boost immunity
  3. Add good diet include vitamins, fruits rich in vit C in your diet
  4. Quit drinking
  5. Avoid excessive exposure to chemical, toxins
  6. Maintain weight
  7. Exercise regularly
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   Arsenicum Album:

  1. Headache, head sensitive, scalp sensitive
  2. Burning in eyes with acrid lachrymation
  3. Ear skin raw and burning within
  4. Infection of ear, offensive otorrhea
  5. Roaring in ear, pain
  6. Tearing, needle like pain on face
  7. Swollen, edematous throat, unable to swallow
  8. Bloody saliva
  9. Unhealthy easily bleed gum , ulceration of mouth
  10. High grade fever

Calcaria Carb:

  1. Headache, feel as if weight on top of head
  2. Dry nostrils , stoppage of nose, swelling at root of nose
  3. Epistaxis from nose
  4. Swelling on face, pain on face
  5. Pale with deep seated eyes, surround by dark ring 
  6. Bleeding from gums, dryness of tongues, difficulty swelling
  7. Sub maxillary gland swollen
  8. Swelling of tonsils
  9. Irritation in eyes- eyes easily fatigue
  10. Dimness of vision, itching of lids
  11. Cracking in ears, diarrhoea and enlarged glands of ear
  12. Extreme dyspnea
  13. fever with sweat


  1. Pain in orbital bone
  2. Dimness vision, edema of lids and around eye
  3. Hearing difficult, reechoing of sound 
  4. Infection of ear, discharge of pus
  5. Pale sickly complexions, blue rings around eyes
  6. Tearing pain in facial bone, muscles
  7. Epistaxis, handkerchief is always filled with blood
  8. Polyp bleed easily
  9. Periostitis of nasal bone
  10. Larynx very painful
  11. Cannot talk due to pain in larynx

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