Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash

Irritant diaper dermatitis is the medical term for diaper rash. Diaper rash is a condition in which rashes appear on the buttock and in the genital area due to friction of the skin with a diaper.

Causes of diaper rash :

●  Diaper rashes mainly occur due to over friction between

skin and diaper.

●  A wet diaper can irritate the skin when a diaper used for a

long period

●  Diaper rash can occur due to bacterial infection because

the substances that stop leakage in diapers stop airflow to the skin that favorable conditions for the growing of bacterias and fungus.

●  Sometimes soap and diapers can cause allergic reactions to the skin and cause rashes.

●  Candida albicans is a yeast that may cause skin infection which lasts for a longer period.

Symptoms of diaper rash :

●  Red and inflamed rashes over the buttock or in the genital area.

●  Reddish small pimple in the skin.

●  Fever can occur due to bacterial infection.

●  The baby becomes irritated and uncomfortable while

changing the diaper.

●  In candidal infection, skin becomes bright red or inflamed.

●  Yellow oily crusts can appear in advanced cases.

●  Diarrhea.

Risk factors: diaper rash is very common and maximum infants develop diaper rash.

● Using tight-fitting diapers.
● Using a single diaper for a longer period. ● If a child is having diarrhea.

Types of diaper rash :

Chafing: this is the commonest of all. Small spots with

redness in the buttock and genitals.

Yeast infection: also called candidal dermatitis. Bright red

rashes with itching and pain appear inline between the

abdomen and thigh.

Cradle cap: it is also called seborrhoeic dermatitis. The

cradle cap looks like dandruff mainly occurs over the scalp, eyelids, and around the ears. But in advanced cases, it can spread to other body parts like the buttocks, thigh, and genital area.

Impetigo: impetigo is a bacterial infection caused by a streptococcus A group. In impetigo, pus-filled rashes appear and ooze yellowish fluids, and then crust gets deposited over it.

Intertrigo: intertrigo mainly occurs in the skin folds of the body. Red rashes occur in the folds due to the friction of the skin together.

Prevention :

Change diapers frequently. Do not use a single diaper for a long period.

Before changing the diaper, wash the buttock and genital area with warm water or wipes can be used.

Do not rub the skin, wipe gently or just tap a soft cotton towel to make the skin dry.

4. Moisturize the skin properly.
5. Try to not use diapers daily because it prevents airflow to

the skin which may lead to infection. Try to use soft cotton diapers. These are far better than disposable diapers.

Homeopathy management:

●  Cantharis: cantharis has good results in a diaper rash where skin eruptions look beefy red and scalded with burning pain. The child is sensitive and irritable and cries while changing diapers.

●  Graphites: graphite is well indicated for intertrigo where the skin is dry cracked and oozes sticky discharge from the affected part with crusty deposition of skin.

●  Calendula: Calendula has antiseptic properties. It helps in skin healing so any cracks and scales can be healed by the application of calendula.

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