The polycystic ovarian disease is a hormonal disorder that occurs in the female reproductive system mostly affects young women.
PCOD is characterized by small single or multiple cysts that are formed in the ovaries due to hormonal imbalance which causes enlarged ovaries and excessive secretion of androgen and estrogen.


●  The exact cause is unknown.

●  Sedentary life or unhealthy lifestyle.

●  Excessive secretion of androgen causes cystic ovaries.

●  Stress is one of the most important causes that may

disturb sleep and lack of sleep mainly causes hormonal


●  Family history: if mother and sister had a history of PCOD

they are more prone to suffer from PCOD.

●  In polycystic disease eggs in the follicle do not mature and

release and form cysts in the ovaries.

●  If the body is Insulin resistant that causes the

hypersecretion of androgen. Symptoms:

Multiple cysts enlarged ovaries due to hypersecretion of androgen.

Excessive secretion of androgen causes hirsutism (unwanted hair growth), acne.

Hair Loss from the scalp.

Amenorrhoea (absence of periods) or irregular periods

Dysmenorrhea ( pain in the lower abdomen, back during menstruation.

Infertility (difficulty in conception)

Weight gain especially around the waist.

Scanty menses or menorrhagia ( heavy bleeding)

Hyperpigmentation of skin

10. Depression and stress. 11. headache.


●  Blood test: to rule out the levels of sex hormones.

●  Pelvic examination: to rule the abnormal growth in the uterus.

●  Ultrasound: to see the appearance of ovaries, number of cysts, and size or shape of the uterus, or any abnormal growth.


1. Avoid sedentary life.
2. Do exercise regularly.
3. Do meditation or yoga for stress and anxiety. 4. Take 8 hours of sleep regularly.
5. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
6. Avoid junk and unhealthy food.

COMPLICATIONS : 1. Infertility.

2. Diabetes.
3. High blood pressure.
4. Obesity.
5. Cardiovascular disease.

Homeopathy management :

●  Sepia :sepia is given when fluid filled cysts occur in the

ovaries. Menses are late and scanty. Bearing down sensation in the lower abdomen. It helps in regulation of menses. It controls hair growth of the face .

●  Pulsatilla : pulsatilla is well indicated for teenagers with scanty menses from a long period of time. Menses are very painful . The female is mild and gentle with weeping disposition .

●  Calcarea carb : Calcarea carb is indicated for PCOS with profuse menses that lasts for longer duration. Obesity is marked in this. Physical symptoms like excessive sweating of the head are sensitive to cold air.

●  Natrum mur : natrum mur given when there is difficulty in conception due to PCOS. sensitiveness to heat and sunlight and craving for extra salt. It helps in the regulation of periods. Menses are irregular and suppressed.

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