Pharynx is the back of the throat.
Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the pharynx that causes sore throat and fever.


Viral infection like cold and cough that is caused by

rhinovirus, coronavirus, etc.

Bacterial infection is the most common cause that can

affect the throat and causes throat pain and fever.

People with indigestion having acid reflux problems are

prone to having throat infection.

Types :

●  Acute pharyngitis.

●  Chronic pharyngitis.

Acute pharyngitis : sudden onset of throat pain called an acute pharyngitis.
It can be caused by viruses or bacterias.
But most commonly caused by bacterias (streptococcus) mainly affects the children.

● Throat pain.
● Difficulty in swallowing.
● Redness and swelling in tonsils.
● Bacterial infection can cause fever.
● Bodyache, weakness, swollen lymph nodes ,etc.

Chronic pharyngitis : if an acute pharyngitis does not get cured or lasts for more than 2 weeks called chronic pharyngitis.


Frequent attacks of pharyngitis are called chronic

pharyngitis. Causes:

1. It can be bacterial and viral infection.
2. Allergic reactions to pollutants may cause pharyngitis.

Symptoms :

●  Pain in the throat.

●  Hoarseness of voice.

●  Painful swallowing.

●  Fever and cough, bodyache, swollen lymph nodes ,

weakness etc.

Diagnosis :
● Throat examination.
● Throat culture ( swab test). ● Complete blood count.

Managment :

●  Wash hands often before having a meal.

●  Quit smoking.

●  Avoid contact with sick individuals .

●  Do not drink chilled or ice cold water.

●  Avoid sour food or drinks.

●  Gargling with warm water.

●  Increase the intake of fluid. It should be more than 2

Homeopathy management :

● Wyethia: it has marked action on the throat and proven excellent medicine for pharyngitis. Irritation after singing or in public speakers. Constant desire to clear the throat. throat feels swollen.

● Sanguinaria nitrica: it is well indicated in acute pharyngitis. Burning and smarting pain in the chest especially in the sternum. Difficulty in swallowing. The constricted feeling of the throat.

●  Lachesis: Lachesis can be given in chronic sore throat with hawking of mucus. The character of mucus is sticky and difficult to expel out. Worse while swallowing liquid especially.

●  Aesculus hippocastanum: Aesculus has excellent results in follicular pharyngitis. A vein in the pharynx is distended and tortuous. Throat is sensitive to cold air. Coughing up of ropy stringy mucus with a sweetish taste.

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