Definition : pemphigoid is an autoimmune disease where blisters appear all over the body .
Autoimmune disease means when body cells harm their own body cells itself.

It mainly affects old aged people. Types :

1. Bullous pemphigoid : in this type sub epidermal blisters appear mainly on the arms, legs and abdomen. It is also known as cutaneous pemphigoid. Mainly affects old aged people with age 70 or above 70.


● Long term intake of medications such as antibiotics , NSAID, ACE inhibitors ,etc.

● Trauma , burns, lymphoedema, and phototherapy may cause pemphigoid.


Red rashes appear in the initial stage (macular rashes). It may look like eczema.

Blisters appear after red rashes and that are pruritic and something can be very painful.

Blisters are thick or large in size and do not rupture easily.

After rupturing blisters it becomes very painful and

sensitive to touch. It contains clear fluid or blood .

Cicatricial pemphigoid or mucous membrane pemphigoid: it is chronic auto-immune disorder that primarily affects the mucous membrane of the body like mouth,eyes, nose, throat, genitals and in anal region are mostly affected. Disease onset is usually between 40 and 70 years.


●  In the initial stage oral lesions are usually seen.

●  Blistering lesions in eyes, nose,mouth ,anus ,throat or in


●  Blistering lesions after healing may leave scars and there

pregressive scarring can cause serious complications to

eyes and throat.

●  Blistering in the mouth can cause difficulty in eating and

drinking results in weight loss.

●  Vision impairment due to lesion in eyes.

● Skin biopsy.
● Blood test to detect antibodies.
● Immunofluorescence of normal area.

Pemphigoid gestation: it is also known as herpes gestation but it has no relation with herpes virus.
Blistering occurs during or soon after pregnancy. Blisters usually appear on abdomen arms and legs.

Risk factors of pemphigoid :

●  Long term use of antibiotics and penicillin can cause the


●  Ultraviolet light therapy.

●  Radiation therapy etc.


●  Avoid hard and spicy food if lesions appear on the mouth.

●  Oral hygiene should be maintained.

●  Eating soft or liquid food to avoid irritation of blisters in the


●  Do not scratch blisters.

Homeopathy management :

●  Natrum salicylic : indicated for pemphigoid eruptions with

oedema of the skin. Tingling and itching sensation of the


●  Natrum Mur:

●  Lachesis

●  Apis Melel.

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