Sarcoma is a cancer of connected tissues of body i.e., Bones, cartilages or muscles.

Osteo indicate bones, so osteosarcoma means cancer of bones. it can occur in any bone of the body but it mainly involves long bones such as legs bone, arm bones and rarely it develops in pelvic, jaw or skull bone.

In osteosarcoma the cell of bones starts growing uncontrollably and grow tumor there, it mostly found near knees around end of long bones femur or upper part of tibia bone.

osteosarcoma also called as osteogenic sarcoma.

Boys are more prone to this cancer then girls.

Osteosarcoma subdivided into three types: – 

  • High grade osteosarcoma- It is fast growing tumors of bones
  • Low grade osteosarcoma- It is slow growing tumors of bone
  • Intermediate grade osteosarcoma- This tumor is rare type. Tumor grow nether to fast nor to slow.
OSTEOSARCOMA  homeopathy treatment


 Exact cause is not known yet 

DNA mutation in bone cell leads to cancer formation of bone.

There are sone risk factors which increase chance to get affected with osteosarcoma then other. These factors are: –

  •   Age- Teenager, because they are still in growing phase is at higher risk
  •  Male / Boys are at higher risk then girls 
  • Some condition increase risk i.e. 

                                 >> Paget’s disease of bone

                                 >> Bloom syndrome

                                 >> Rothmans- Thomson syndrome

                                  >> Li- Fraumeni syndrome

  • Radiation therapy exposure also increase risk
  • Hight- Tall people are at higher risk


  1. Pain in bones
  2. Swelling near affected area
  3. Lump felt in bones where tumor grow
  4. Pain in bones increase at night
  5. Pain after exertion, walk, exercise.
  6. Limping
  7. Difficult in movement if affect in bone legs
  8. Easily broken bones after slight movement
  9. Fever
  10. Weight loss


  • Physical examination
  • Medical history
  • Biopsy
  • Lumber puncture aspiration
  • Imaging test-

                  –  CT-scan

                  –  MRI

                  –  PET- scan

  • Blood test – to check functioning of organs and blood count
OSTEOSARCOMA precaution and homeopathy treatment


 There is no such precaution / prevention for osteosarcoma, but you can adopt healthy life style to boost overall immunity-

  • Quit smoking
  • Stay active, exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy, fresh food, include vegetables, calcium in diet
  • Take proper treatment for bone diseases


Rhus tox: –

  1. Painful swallowing of joints
  2. Soreness of condyles of bones
  3. Numbness and formication after overwork
  4. Tenderness about knee joints
  5. Fever
  6. Limbs stiffed
  7. Pain tearing in tendons, ligament’s
  8. weakness, felt in bone, legs


  1. Dull tearing pain in hands and arms
  2. Heaviness and weakness in bones
  3. Tearing joints
  4. Unsteady walking and easily falling
  5. Restless legs at night
  6. Cracking and tensions in knees
  7. Stiffness in hallow of knees
  8. Great weakness


  1. Shooting pain in right shoulder with stiffness and inability to raise arm
  2. Pain fly like electric shock, shooting, lancinating shifting rapidly
  3. Pain in legs, dreads to get up
  4. Feel puffed, pain in ankles and feet
  5. High fever
  6. Prostration, Loss of weight

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