It is a type of head and neck cancer.

Oropharyngeal cancer are of many type but most commonly oropharyngeal is start in squamous cell of oropharynx.

When cell of oropharyngeal become cancerous it starts growing abnormally and form tumor there.

oropharyngeal cancer affects base of tongue, tonsil and roof of mouth.


Exact cause is still not known but there are some risk factors which increase tendency towards development of this cancer in people.

 These factors are: – 

  1. Human papilloma virus infection
  2. Smoking cigarette 
  3. Alcohol intake
  4. Tabacco chewing
  5. Unhealthy diet, unhygienic habits
OROPHARYNGEAL CANCER TREATMENT by Dr Ruchi - 247Homeopathy clinic zirakpur


  1. Continuous pain in mouth
  2. Patches on tonsils, red or white in colour
  3. Red or white patches also seen on tongue
  4. Soreness in throat
  5. Difficulty in swallowing
  6. Voice become hard, harsh, change in voice
  7. Pain in ear
  8. Difficult in chewing, pain felt in mouth, tongue
  9. Lump felt on mouth, back of throat, around neck
  10. Weight loss gradually
  11. Smell from mouth and breath 


  • Physical examination
  • History taking regarding past illness, treatment
  • Biopsy- collect sample from affected tissues, organ and study
  • Imaging test

>> CT-scan

       >> MRI


  • Endoscopy


  1. Boost immunity
  2. HPV vaccination on time
  3. Quit smoking
  4. Limit alcohol intake
  5. Eat fresh and healthy food
  6. Exercise regularly
  7. Avoid excessive exposure to dust , polluted air, chemicals etc. 
247homeopathy clinic Zirakhpur by-Dr.-Ruchi



  1. Dryness of mouth, tongue and throat with excessive thirst
  2. Tongue coated yellowish, dark brown
  3. Dryness, sticking on swallowing, scraped and constricted feeling
  4. Hoarseness in voice, worse in open air 
  5. Weakness all over and fever
  6. Bitter taste in mouth


  1. Swelled and easily bleed gums, ulcerated
  2. Dryness in pharynx and fauces
  3. Sour taste in mouth
  4. Hoarseness, worse evening
  5. Larynx very painful
  6. Aphonia, cannot talk, pain in larynx
  7. Fever, weakness 


  1. Tearing pain in mouth
  2. Tongue swollen, burning, trembling, cracked
  3. Mouth taste bad, nauseous taste in mouth
  4. Pain in facial bones
  5. Throat sore, worse left side, swallowing liquid
  6. Feeling in throat as if something is swollen, must be swallowed, worse swallowing saliva or liquid
  7. Tonsils purplish, livid colour
  8. Very painful, worse slight pressure, touch is even more annoying in mouth and throat

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