Mycosis Fungoides

This rare type of cancer mainly affects the skin. It originates from cutaneous T lymphoma (CTCLs) which are the cancer that belongs to T cells which is a type of WBCs.

In short, mycosis fungoid is characterized by the abnormal growth and accumulation of t-cells in the skin that leading to formation of various skin lesions. It is a type of lymphoma.

CAUSES OF MYCOSIS FUNGOIDES: – the exact cause of mycosis fungoid is unknown. But some factors on which mycosis fungoid depends are as follows:-

  1. Genetic predisposition (certain genetic mutations) leads to mycosis fungoid.
  2. Abnormality in immune system, mainly T cells which are a type of WBC is also a cause of mycosis fungoid.
  3. Exposure of some chemical, toxins, infections agents, and environmental factors also included.
  4. Some viral infections such as human T-cell lymph trophic virus type 2 (HTLV-1) is also responsible for mycosis fungoid.


  1. Flat, scaly and reddened patches on the skin.
  2. Then patches become thick and form raised plaque on the skin.
  3. The plaque can be pink, red or brown.
  4. Irregular or rough surface of plaques.
  5. Itching, tenderness and wrinkles appear on plaques. Then in advance stage, tumors may develop within the skin.
  6. Tumors can be ulcerated, raised or nodular.
  7. Open sores or ulcers on skin.
  8. Enlarged lymph nodes.
  9. The affected skin has various changes such as thickening, scaling and a leathery texture.
  10. Fatigue, fever.
  11. Weight loss and itching.


  1. CBC.
  2. Skin biopsy.
  3. Lymph node biopsy.
  4. Testing of skin patch.
  6. Molecular studies.
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  1. Crippled nails.
  2. Felons, abscesses, boil ulcers.
  3. Cracks on finger tips.
  4. Rose colored blotches.
  5. Promotes expulsions of foreign bodies from tissues.
  6. Scars suddenly become painful.


  1. Perspiration sweetish and strong.
  2. Polyp, tubercles, warts, carbuncles, ulcers.
  3. Freckles and blotches.
  4. Dry skin, with brown spots.
  5. Zona, herpetic eruptions.
  6. Eruptions only on covered parts.
  7. Very sensitive to touch.
  8. Brown spots on hands and arms.


  1. Dry, scaly, unhealthy skin.
  2. Every little injury suppurates.
  3. Freckles.
  4. Pimply eruptions, pustules, rhagdes.
  5. Skin affections after local medications.
  6. Itching, burning, worse scratching and washing.

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