Laryngeal cancer

Laryngeal cancer is a cancer of larynx. It is a type of cancer that arises in the cells of larynx. Larynx is also called voice box.

It is one of the types of head and neck cancer.


The exact cause of laryngeal cancer is unknown.

  1. Smoking cigarette, use of tobacco is important cause of laryngeal cancer.
  2. Excessive consumption of alcohol and from a long time is also a cause of laryngeal cancer.
  3. Some viral infections such as HPV can increase the risk of developing cancer.
  4. Some chemical exposures are also involved.
  5. Occupational and environmental factors also included.
  6. GERD.


LARYNGEAL CANCER SYMPTOMS and homeopathy treatment in zirakpur
  1. Hoarseness in voice.
  2. Change in voice quality.
  3. Pain in throat.
  4. Sore throat.
  5. Dysphagia.
  6. Fatigue.
  7. Weight loss from unknown reason.
  8. Breathing difficulties.
  9. Shortness of breath.
  10. Lump or swelling in throat.
  11. Cough that can be chronic.
  12. Continuous or persistent ear pain.
  13. Sensation of lump or something stuck in throat.
  14. Recurrent or persistent sore throat.
  15. Neck pain.


  1. Reduce alcohol consumption.
  2. Stop smoking.
  3. Live healthy lifestyle with healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Protection from HPV.
LARYNGEAL CANCER SYMPTOMS and homeopathy treatment in zirakpur



  1. Thick mucus in throat and mouth that causes hawking.
  2. Throat is raw, sore and rough.
  3. Sensation of a splinter in the throat on swallowing.
  4. Catarrh in smokers.
  5. Throat is dark red.
  6. Throat feels strangulated.


  1. Sore, worse on left side, swallowing liquids.
  2. Chronic sore throat with much hawking.
  3. Very painful throat.
  4. Worse slightest pressure even touches.
  5. Sensation as if something was swollen which must be swallowed.
  6. Pain radiates to ear.
  7. Empty swallowing is more painful than swallowing solids.


  1. Takes cold easily, with stitching with smarting pain.
  2. Quinsy.
  3. Supportive tonsils after every cold.
  4. Sensation of plug in pharynx.
  5. Stinging pain in tonsils, larynx.
  6. Throat problem from over use of voice.
  7. Can only swallow liquids.
  8. Dry, suffocative cough.

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