Intraocular melanoma is the rare type of cancer of cells of eye. Melanin gives color to the eyes and helps to protect it from UV rays. When there is uncontrolled growth occur is melanocytes they can form a tumor called intraocular melanoma.

CAUSES:- the exact cause of intraocular melanoma is not clear. Other risk factors and cause are:-

  1. Some inherited genetic mutations and conditions are also responsible for developing intraocular melanoma.
  2. Prolonged exposure of UV rays and sunlight is a cause of intraocular melanoma.
  3. It is mainly present in the age 50 to 70.
  4. The person with weak immune system are4 at higher risk.


the common symptoms are:-

  1. Eye floaters.
  2. Blurred vision.
  3. Flashes of light.
  4. When tumor is present in the iris, a dark spot or abnormal growth may be present.
  5. Pain or discomfort in the eyes.
  6. Redness, swelling and irritation in the eyes.


  1. Eye examination.
  2. Dilated fundus examination:- by use the eye drops to see the view of back of the eye.
  3. USG:- to see the internal structure of eye.
  4. OCT:- optical coherence tomography.
  5. Biopsy.



  1. Thrombosis of retinal vessels and degenerative changes in retinal cells.
  2. Retinal problems with perception of light and hallucination vision.
  3. Redness and burning.
  4. Atrophy of optic nerve.
  5. Letters appears red.
  6. Sensation as if everything was covered with a mist.
  7.  Black points seem to float before the eyes.


  1. Catarrhal conditions.
  2. The eyes water all the time.
  3. Acrid lachrymation, bland coryza.
  4. Discharge thick and excoriating.
  5. Pressure in the eyes.
  6. Sticky matter from coryza, must wink to remove it.

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