Gonorrhoea is also known as the clap’. It is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacterias Neisseria gonorrhoea.

Infection can occur in the genitals, rectum, mouth and eyes..

Gonorrhea is spread through unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person or from mother to child during birth.

Young women are at higher risk to get infections.

Causes of gonorrhoea:

• Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection caused by Neisseria gonorrhea and transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse.

• Close contact with an infected person or direct contact with genital discharge or mouth can cause transmission of infection.

• From mother to child during vaginal delivery and doesn’t affect the children born by c-section.

Risk factors:

• Homosexuals are at higher risk of infection.

• Sexually active young women are at higher risk of getting an infection

• People with a history of sexually transmitted diseases.

• Multiple sexual partners.

• If the mother is suffering from gonorrhoea, the child may have a chance of getting an infection from her infected mother.


In females:

• Some women do not experience symptoms.

• Vaginal discharge

• Pain while urination

• Pain during sexual intercourse

• Offensive leucorrhoea

• Itching

• Burning

• Abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods

In males:

• Pain and swelling in penis and testicle

• Burning while urinating

• Whitish greenish discharge from the urethra

Gonorrhoea infection in the rectum:

• Dirty offensive discharge from the rectum

• Itching and burning pain

• Burning pain while passing stool or after passing stool

• Soreness feeling the f anal region


Avoid unprotected sexual intercourse


• Blood test to see the infection.

• Swab culture to make the diagnosis


• Infertility / sterility

• Pelvic inflammatory disease

• Ectopic pregnancy

• Infection can pass to the newborn baby from an infected mother.

Homoeopathy management:

• Medorrhinum: medorrhinum is well indicated medicine for gonorrhoea. Swelling and inflammation of the urethra is marked. Burning sensation while urinating. Urine is very offensive. In males penile discharge is whitish and of yellowish colour. Soreness of the urethra. In females thick vaginal discharge with fishy odour.

• Sepia: Sepia is mostly indicated for sexual disorders.

There is burning itching over the genitals. There are fluid-filled blisters over the prepuce with circular desquamation of the skin. Eruptions appear over glans and labia, indolent chancre with dry eruption on the genitals.

• Nitric acid: nitric acid can be given in the gonorrhoea.

Small blisters appear over the orifice of urethra. Chancre like ulcers and vesicles on the prepuce. Smarting pain while passing urine. Swelling and tenderness and offensive discharge from genitals.

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