Germ cell tumor occurs when abnormal growth start in the germ cell found in the brain. This tumor mostly occur in area above pituitary gland or in the pineal region of brain 

Germ cell in later fetal period becomes sperm and eggs in the reproductive system but when these cells get trapped in brain. it is called germ cell tumor of CNS. It can be cancerous or non cancerous. Your well-being is our priority. Begin your journey to health and vitality with Dr. Ruchi at 247Homeopathy Clinic.

There are two main types of cell tumor in brain:- 

                 – Germinomas

                 – NON germinomas tumors

These tumors are rear in children.

Causes of germ cell tumor


 Don’t know the exact cause of cell tumor. Mainly germ cell migrated to gonads during fetal development and become egg in female ovaries and sperm in male testes but when these cell trapped in brain and multiply there and form tumor called germ cell tumor.

 Some risk factors which increase chance of development of this tumor are:

  • Chromosomal abnormalities like 


                             -Turner syndrome etc

Symptoms cell tumor


   Symptoms depend on location where the tumor develops in brain.

  1.  Tumor in  Pineal gland region show symptoms:
  1.  Headache 
  2.  Nausea and vomiting 
  3.  Sleep disturbance 
  4.  Swelling of brain
  5.   Double vision, eyes sight affected
  6.  Body movement un-coordination 
  7.   Difficult walking.     

 2.  Tumor around Pituitary gland 

  1. Weight loss, stunted growth 
  2. Indigestion
  3. Delayed puberty/ Early puberty 
  4. Diabetes insipidus 


  1. Physical examination 
  2.  Medical history details
  3.  MRI
  4.  CT scan
  5.  Blood test 
  6. Lumber puncture


  1.  There is no specific precaution for germ cell to prevent growth of GCT
  2.  Regularly health checkup
  3.  If history of cancer in family and you observe any uncommon symptom consult physician 
  4.  Eat healthy diet
  5.  Maintain weight, do exercise 


     Bryta carb:

  1. Mostly indicated in infants 
  2. Medicine for degenerative changes 
  3. Loss of memory, mental weakness, headache
  4. Confusion 
  5. Vertigo
  6. Brain feel as if loose 
  7. Hair fallout 
  8. Weakness of spine , numbness of limbs 
  9. Gauze before eyes 
  10. Stunt growth 


  1. Memory weak 
  2. Unable to do any mental efforts
  3. Vertigo, when lying down and when turning over bed.
  4. Headache stupefying with nausea and vomiting
  5. Dull occipital pain on raising in morning 
  6.  Dim sight , Defective hearing 
  7.  Insomnia 
  8.  Extremities weak, paralyzed, trembling hands 

Kali Iodatium

  1. Loss of weight 
  2. Violent headache cranium swell up in hard lump
  3. Facial neuralgia 
  4. Fornication of lower extremities
  5. Pain in extremities 
  6. Glandular swelling

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