When cell of gastrointestinal tract mainly of stomach and small interstine start grown abnormally and form tumor there.

The cell involves in this types of tumors  are specialized cellfound in GIT i.e interstitial cell of cajal

Gastrointestinal tumor mainly affect adult after 40 age 


Genetic changes/ Mutation in several genes leads to formation of GISt cancer

  •  Most of cases mutation in KIT genes leads to GIST tumors
  • In less no. of case Mutation in PDGFRA gene cause GIT tumors
  • There are some other genes also there mutition also leads to tumors
  • Mutation of genes either due to familia or sporodic.

 Risk factor that increase chance 

  •  Age – old people mainly above 40 to 70 are at higher risk
  •  Family history of GIST tumors
  • Genetic syndromes i.e >>primary familial Gist syndrome

                                              >> Neurofibromatosis type 1

                                              >>Corney- strataks syndrome


  1. Pain in abdomen
  2. Nausea,vomiting,Loss of appetite
  3. Bleeding in GIT tract leads to blood in vomiting
  4. Blood in stool Anaemic
  5. Fatigue , weakness
  6. Swelling in belly
  7. Weight loss
  8. Heaviness felt in abdomen,Bloating, Indigestion
  9. Patch of dark skin in body
  10. Swallowing problem if tumors grow in esophagus
  11. Small meal cause fullness


  • Physical examination
  • Family history
  • Imaging tests –

              >>  X-ray




            >>Barium swallow 


           >>Barium enema – for ractum, colon


  • Biopsy – 

            >>Needle biopsy

            >>  Laproscopy

  •  Blood sampling test 

           >> Immunohistochemistry

          >> Molecular genetic testing

  • Blood test

      >> complete blood count

      >> Liver function test


    No specific precautions to prevent development of this cancer but some measures to enhance overall health.

  1. Maintain Healthy life style 
  2. Avoid excessive alcohol intake
  3. Maintain body weight 
  4. Eat fresh, healthy food
  5. Excercise regularly 
  6. Boost immunity
  7. Drink water
  8. Detox Body


   Arsenicum Album:

  1. Abdomen swollen and painful
  2. Liver and spleen enlarged and painful
  3. Epigastrium is sore and tender
  4. Nausea , vomiting, retching after eating and drinking
  5. Heart burn, belching , gulping up of acrid
  6. Stomach is indurated.
  7. Weakness, fatigue easily, exausted, anemia
  8. Loss  of appetite, Weight loss
  9. Small offensive, dark stool with great prostration
  10. High grade fever


  1. A very weak, empty all gone sensation felt in whole abdomen
  2. Sharp cutting pain in abdomen
  3. Great weakness after stool
  4. Discharge of blood from rectum with stool
  5. Sour taste and sour eructation after every meal
  6. Cardic opening feel constricted
  7. Region of stomach painful to touch
  8. Vomiting , nausea 
  9. Fever with profuse pespiration
  10. Weakness, fatigue , numbness felt in arm, hands

Nux vomica:

  1. Sour taste, Nausea in morning , after eating
  2. Flatulent distention with spasmodic colic
  3. Liver engorged with stitches and sorness
  4. Epigastrium bloated , with pressure as iif stone
  5. Difficult belching off gas.
  6. Bruised soreness of abdominal wall
  7. Weakness , hand and arm go to sleep 
  8. Sudden loss of power in legs and arms
  9. Fever, dry heat of the body

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