It is rare, benign brain tumor 

It develop mainly near pitutary gland and hypothalmus 

It is slow growing tumor and don’t spread to other part of brain

Craniopharyngioma are most commonly found in children between age group 5 and 14.


 Due to some factor the cell of the pituitary become abnormal cell and these cell multiply and grow continuously. This leads to formation of tumor in brain.

 The exact cause /factors which interfere or trigger pituitary cell are not known.

 In most of cases suffering from this cancer shown mutation in CTNNB1 OR APC genes.


 Gradual changes in vision- due to pressure on optic nerves

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Vomiting, nausea
  • Hormonal insufficiency leads to

              >>Stunted growth 

             >> Delayed puberty in children

             >> Fatigue

             >>Weight gain

             >>Hot/cold intolerance

  • Sleep deprivation


  1. Physical examination
  2. MRI
  3. CT-scan
  4.  Hormonal level
  5.  Biopsy


 There is no such measures which can prevent growth of tumors but few measures boost overall health of person are:-

  1.  Advice to adopt healthy lifestyle
  2.   Eat healthy fruits and vegetables
  3.    Boost immunity
  4.    Quit smoking, Excessive alcohol intake
  5.    Manage stress
  6.    Maintain weight
  7.   Drink plenty of water


    Bryta Carb: 

  1. Do Not grow and develop, dwarfish
  2. Confused,Loss of memory
  3. Face is puffed , pale
  4. Hearing difficult, frequent epixtaxis
  5. Vertigo,  Brain feel loose
  6. Weakness of spine
  7. Weakness , numbness of limbs, pain in joint

  Conium maculatium:

  1. Vertigo on lying down and when turning over in bed
  2. Headache stupefying with nausea and vomiting
  3. Sensation of forigen body under the skull
  4. Dim sight, defective hearing, easily epistaxis
  5. Dull aching in lumber and sacral region
  6. Mascular weakness, heavy, weary extermities
  7. Trembling , finger and toes numb

  Kali iodide:

  1. Violent headache, cranium swells up in hard lump 
  2. Brain feels enlarge
  3. Noises in the ear, Bony tumors of the orbit
  4. Severe bone pains, pain in lumbo sacral region coccyx
  5. Weakness and fatigue
  6. Irritable with congestion of head , heat and throbbing

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