It is type of cancer in which bone marrow make too many lymphocytes. lymphocytes are type of W.B.C present in blood, its play important role in body immune system. 

Lymphocytic leukemia are most common type of leukemia in adult.

It is slow growing cancer.

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia homeopathy treatment


Chronic lymphocytic leukemia occur when certain chromosome and genes in DNA of lymphocytic cells change during life time. what leads to these changes in DNA not known yet.

But there are some risk factor which increase chance of this cancer :-

  1. Age- old age people are more prone to this cancer
  2. Sex- Male at higher risk
  3. Family history:- in any close relation i.e parants, siblings have CLL are at higher risk 
  4. Smoking
  5. Radiation exposure
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia symptoms and homeopathy treatment


  1. Fever- Due to recurrent  infection. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia affect W.B.C which fight against infection and this leads to recurrent infection and fever.
  2. Fatigue, Dizzeness – CLL affect on R.B.C  which leads to Anemia
  3. Weight loss
  4. Night sweat
  5. Bodyache, pain in limbs and extermities
  6. Sense of fullness in chest area
  7. Swollen lymph nodes around neck, underarms groin or stomach
  8. Bleeding bruising more easily 
  9. Discomfort in stomach


  1. Complete blood count with differential 
  2. Blood smear
  3. Flow cytometry- to check if WBC carry CLL cells
  4. Genetic tests
  5. Bone marrow aspiration


  1. Quit smoking
  2. Regular health checkup if there is family history of CLL
  3. Excercise regularly 
  4. Maintain proper hygiene.
  5. Eat healthy food add vit.c in diet
  6. Boost immunity
  7. Get enough sleep


  Arsenicum Iodatum:

  1. Debility, night sweats drenching
  2. Great emaciation 
  3. Recurrent fever and sweats
  4. Vomiting an hour after eating food 
  5. Extreme Anemia
  6. Highest use in cancerous affections
  7. Faintness and fainting spells
  8. Numbness of the limbs and painful parts
  9. Trembling and twitching of muscles
  10. Bluish lips and bluish circles around the eyes, pale face
  11. Pain in hypogastrium, hypochondria
  12. Cutting pain in liver, soreness of liver

Conium maculation:

  1.  Bleeds easily from nose, ear discharge are bloody
  2.  Severe aching in and around the liver 
  3. Senstive, bruised , swollen knife life pain in right hypochondrium 
  4. Dyspnea from least exertion/ ercercise
  5. Dull aching in lumber and sacral region
  6. Finger and toes numb, muscular weakness of lower extermities
  7. Pale, yellowish skin
  8. Night and morning sweat
  9. Cancerous diathesis.

Mercuries sol:

  1. Use for Decomposes of blood
  2. Lymphatic system is especially affected
  3. Vertigo, when lying on the back
  4.  Loss of hair
  5. Pale, earthy, puffed face, pain in facial bone
  6. Epistaxis 
  7. Liver enlarge (Hepatomegaly), sore to touch 
  8. All symptoms are worse at night
  9. Bruised pain in lumbo-sacral region
  10. Weakness of limbs, bone pain , lacerating pains in joint
  11. Profuse nocturnal perspiration.

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