Bunion Or Bony Bumps

Bunion Or Bony Bumps


bony bumps it clearly characterised by the enlargement or prominence of the bones at the metatarsal phalangeal joint of the big toe. the bones in the front part of the foot move out of the place resulting in the pulling of the tip of the big toe . this malignant of the joint and rotation towards the small toes is medically termed as hallux abducto valgus deformity.

Bunion is slow progressive condition and sometime deformity progressive,  it may accompany symptoms, some time without sign.

Causes of bunion

Exact pathology behind bunion is unknown but some causes are here like 

1. Inherited foot type

2. Foot stress or injuries.

3. Abnormal anatomy of the metatarsalphalangeal joint.

4. High heels regularly use in female.

5. Genetic factors.

6. Abnormal function of the big toe specially in toe dancers.

7. Tight or narrow foot wear may worse the condition

8. Rheumatoid arthritis and gout disease also contribute in bunion.

9. Neuromuscular disease may take part in risk factor.

10. injuries of spain or some kind of fracture also responsible for the bunion.

Bunion is not suddenly appearing disease it may take time or gradualy develop bump on the big toe or some kind tight wearing foot and not cause the bunion but it may worse the condition causing the swelling.

Sign and symptoms

1.  Bunion side looks red inflamed, tenderness, redness,swollen, with that sometime fluid wear filled called BURSA.

2. It mostly present on big toe, but sometime it affects the small joint called BUNIONETTERS on the small fingersjoint.

3. Bumping appearance of the big toes.

4. In bunion sometime fluid were filled in the toe with cause inflammation if not treated on time.

5. Painful condition not wearing shoes or foot wear.

6. Joints stiffness. 

7. Bunion may leads to chronic condition which ends up with the arthritis.

8. Swollen,redness,inflamed on affected sides of joints.

9. Swelling of adjacent area.

Risk factors of bunions

Women have more chances to develop bunion 10 times more.

Using of high heels more prone to develop bunions

People who have joint disease like rheumatoid arthiritis that lead to more risk factors.

People have genetic factors 

 Complications of bunion 

Bunion if not treated properly or on time that can lead to major complication.

 1.Bursitis:in this complication the fluid filled in adjacent area of the affected part that leads to worse the condition.

2.Hammertoe; in this condition the adjacent fingers middle part shows the bony prominence.

3. Metatarsalgia; this condition leads to swollen or painful condition of affected area.

Homoeopathic management for the bunions

Benzoic acid:

1. tearing and stitches pain  in TENDO ACHILIS.

2. Rheumatic gout nodes very painful

3. Gouty deposits

4. Ganglion swelling of the bony bumps or wrist joint.

5. Tearing pain on great toes.


The affected parts suppurates.

Pain in great toe soles sore.

Sensation as tip of the toe suppurate

Paralaytic weakness of forearms.


Pain in great toe and fingers especially in tips.

Neurotic type of pain which parallel with great toe.

Tingling,burning and numbness of affected part. Joints feels bruised

Traumatic neuralgia of neuritis.

Lancinating type of pain which extended with the causes  of nerve.

Darting pain accompany with shoulder joint.

Rhus tox

Good remedy for the stiffness, swollen of joints

Red ,inflammed ,swollen,

bruised , lame bunion with stiffness.

Adjacent area are affected


swollen , stiffness inflamed area of the bunion, 

Marked ,swollen of the adjacent area.

Breaking sound of the bunion.

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