Bronchiectasis is a condition where there is permanent /non reversible widening of the airways (bronchi and bronchioles) of the lungs, due to destructive changes in the bronchial wall.

Due to destruction in air passage wall, it causes inflammation which results in excessive secretion of mucus but unable to move out from the lungs and caused coughing up of mucus


Cystic fibrosis : cystic fibrosis of the lungs is the most

prominent cause of bronchiectasis. It is a genetic condition

that causes difficulty in breathing and digestion.

Obstruction in the bronchioles by foriegn body and any

abnormal growth . ( by tumor or inhaled particles.)

History of severe infection in the lungs.

In an immune deficient condition where the body can not

fight infection.

History or family history of allergic bronchial asthma may

develop bronchiectasis.

Symptoms :

Chronic cough with bad smelling discharge (sputum)

especially in the morning and get worse by change of


Coughing up of sputum with blood called haemoptysis.

History of recurrent attack of pneumonia.


Tightness with chest pain, whistling sound while breathing.

Difficulty in breathing due to collection of mucus in the air


In late stages:

● Clubbing of nails/fingers. ● Loss of weight.

Complications :
● Weight loss.
● Difficulty in breathing.
● Metastatic abscess(often to brain )


Lung function test: to determine how the lungs are working.

Blood test or sputum examination to rule out the infection.

Chest x ray: to see any abnormalities in the lungs.

Bronchoscopy: helps to see inside the lungs.

Precautions and management :

●  Stay away from the substances that cause irritation to the

lungs , like smoke, fumes and gases.

●  Avoid smoking.

●  Proper treatment should be taken for recurrent lung


●  eat a healthy diet.

●  Proper hydration should be maintained as it prevents

mucus from sticking in the wall.

●  Follow exercise routine.

Homeopathy treatment :

1. Stannum met : it is well indicated where the chest feels constricted . emptiness or weak feeling of the chest . dyspnea while walking, obliged to stop and take a deep breath. Sharp lancinating pain on the left side of chest.

Copaiva: it is well indicated in bronchiectasis where discharge is an offensive and greenish colour. Tickling sensation in trachea and larynx. Profuse mucus discharge or sometimes blood in mucus discharge.

Phosphorus : it can be given in chest pain. Breathing is quickened. Stitching type of pain in upper chest. Rattling of mucus worse by cold drinks. Gull heavy feeling of chest. Tightness of the chest.

Pulsatilla nigricans : pulsatilla works well in chest expectoration where sputum is of yellowish colour. Heavy sore feeling of the chest. Chest complaints aggravate while lying down. Congestion of heart and chest at night while lying down.

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