Astrocytomas also known as astrogilla is a type of cell presents in brain and spinal cord it perform many functions in CNS

When tumor start growing in these cells is called Astrocytomas

Astrocytomas mainly develop in brain but can also develops in spinal cord

It is mostly seen in adult, it is most common type of tumor, male has more prone to astrocytomas then females

It can originate at any side and site of brain, its symptoms varies according to where tumor is located.

ASTROCYTOMAS causes and homeopathy treatment in zirakpur


 The exact cause is still not known, but there are some factor which increase risk

 These factors include:

  Environmental factor:

  1. Exposure to radiation
  2. Excessive stress 
  3. Cancer history 
  4. Smoking

Hereditary – if family members had brain tumor, the chance of development of brain tumor increase

DNA mutation of IDHI genes leads to cancer


ASTROCYTOMAS symptom and homeopathy treatment in zirakpur

 Symptoms varies from patient to patient according to side and site where tumor located in brain

 Common symptoms are:

  1. Persistent severe headache
  2. Double vision, blur vision, loss of eyesight
  3. Hearing problem , speech problem
  4. Cognitive ability decreased lead to attention deficient, loss of logical reasoning, confusion, forgetfulness
  5. seizures, dizziness, vertigo
  6. weakness limbs
  7. Memory weak, dementia 
  8. Depression or mood disorder 
  9. Motor movement disturbed- abnormal reflex, lack of coordination , loss grip 
  10. weight loss- unexplained 


 It is most common type of brain tumor in childhood. Astrocytes are a type of gilla cell in CNS includes spinal cord. When these cells start growing abnormal it leads to formation of tumors. it occur due to mutation of DNA to mutation of astrocytes cell DNA.

DNA mutation occurs either because of environmental cause or hereditary.

In children Astrocytoma originate usually in base of brain, and its low grade tumor which means grow slowly.


 Mutation in DNA- leads to abnormal gene/ chromosome


  1. Seizures
  2. Difficulty in writing- because of that hand writing og child is very bad
  3. Slow speech
  4. Change in energy level, easily fatigue
  5.  Eye sight affected , blurred vision
  6. Hearing 
  7. Speech problem
  8. Loss of balance
  9. Trouble walking, lack of coordination, weakness
  10. Weight loss 
  11. Headache


  • Neurological exam – it evaluate brain and nervous system functioning

            This test access – mental status, reflexes, movements, coordination, speech, vision etc

  • EEG- it measure electrical activities of brain
  • Blood test- To check tumor marker in blood
  • CT-scan
  • MRI
  • MRS- Magnet
  • Lumbar puncture
  • PET scan
  • Biopsy


  1.  Regularly health checkup 
  2. Maintain proper hygiene
  3. Eat healthy food
  4. Adopt healthy life style
  5. Decrease screen time ( TV , Mobile, laptop)
  6. Include vegetable in diet, eat healthy
  7. Do Exercise, maintain body weight
  8. Manage stress
  9. Quit smoking


ASTROCYTOMAS homeopathy treatment in zirakpur

 Calcaria Carb:- 

  1. Forgetful, confused
  2. Slight mental activity cause hot head
  3. Sense of weight on top of head
  4. Headache with cold hands and feet
  5. Vertigo on ascending, on turning head
  6. Diminished eye vision
  7. Loss of appetite
  8. Cramps in calves, Tearing in muscles
  9. Hearing  difficult, cracking noise in ear


  1. Muscular weakness may go into complete paralysis 
  2. Depressive, Melancholic, Thoughtless
  3. Stupefying headache
  4. Bores head in pillow, beats it’s with hands
  5. Headache ends with vomiting
  6. Low eye sight, Night blindness
  7. Automatic motion of one arm and legs
  8. Falling of hairs
  9. Limbs heavy and painful


  1. Growth of limbs
  2. Great debility in moving in bed
  3. Memory weak, unable, to sustain any mental efforts
  4. Vertigo when lie down, when turn over in bed
  5. Headache and nausea and vomiting
  6. Vomiting of mucus with feeling of foreign body under the skull 
  7. Tightness in head around temples
  8. Defective hearing
  9.  Extremities heavy, trembling
  10. Muscles weakness specially lower extremities

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