Wrist Rheumatism

Wrist rheumatism is typically brought on by fractures or sprains from unexpected
traumas. However, chronic issues like stress, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome can also
cause wrist pain.
Because of so many reasons, diagnosing the exact cause of wrist rheumatism  can be
difficult. But effective therapy and recovery depend on a correct diagnosis.

Wrist Rheumatism Homeopathic Medicine and Treatment

Damage to  any parts of the wrist  may result in discomfort and impair the wrist’s
functionality. The wrist and hand may also become painful and difficult to use. The
damage could be caused by:


  1. SUDDEN IMPACT:- the most common cause of wrist injuries is falling
    forward onto an outstretched hand. Sprains, strains, and even fractures
    can also due to falling forward.
  2. REPETITIVE STRESS:- any repetitive wrist motion activity might irritate
    the tissues around joints or result in stress fractures.
  3. Eg. hitting a tennis ball.


OSTEOARTHRITIS:– this kind of arthritis develops over time when the cartilage that
protects the ends of the bones wears off.
RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS:-a disorder that frequently affects the wrist and occurs
when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues.


CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME:– The median nerve goes through the carpal
tunnel, a channel on the palm side of wrist, and carpal tunnel syndrome develops
when there is increased pressure on the nerve.

GANGLION CYST:- on the wrist area opposite the palm, these soft tissue cysts
most frequently develop. There is a chance that ganglion cysts will hurt, and
activity may make the pain worse or better.

Wrist Rheumatism Homeopathic Medicine and Treatment


  • Stiffness.
  • Weakness.
  • Swelling.
  • Limited range of motion.
  • Clicking, cracking, or grinding sounds on movement.
  • Wrist pain may vary, depending on the cause.
  • Osteoarthritis pain is similar to dull toothache .
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome usually causes a pin’s needles feeling.
Wrist Rheumatism Homeopathic Medicine and Treatment


Wrist pain can happen to anyone. But risk may be increased by:-
SPORTS:- wrist traumas are common in so many sports. Including those involving
impact and those that place the wrist under repetitive stress. The sports games include
football, golf, bowling, gymnastics, tennis.
REPETITIVE WORK:- any activity in which hands and wrist are involved, even knitting
and cutting hair, if performed forcefully again and again can lead to disabling wrist pain.

BUILD BONE STRENGTH:– getting sufficient amounts of calcium will help to prevent
PREVENT FALLS:-the most common way wrist injuries happen is when someone falls
forward into an outstretched hand. Wear smart shoes to help prevent falls. Eliminate
dangers inside. 
KEEP ERGONOMICS IN MIND:- those people who spend a long period at a keyboard,
should take regular breaks.


  • This remedy is useful when stiffness and pain worse on initial motion and
  • improve as movement continues.
  • Soreness, pain and stiffness in the wrist.
  • Discomfort is relieved by warmth and worse in cold, damp weather.


  • A feeling of bruising and lameness may be present, even when the wrist is allowed to rest.
  • This remedy is indicated when overuse of joints and irritation of nerves lead to
    tremendous stiffness.
  • Weakness in the arms and wrists, especially after repetitive tasks causing wear and tear on the joints and nerves.

  • This remedy can be used for flare ups of inflammation or new injuries caused by repetitive use of the fingers and wrists.
  • The area feels bruised and sore, and cramping may occur.
  • This remedy may be useful if sharp or shooting pains are felt extending from the wrist.
  • Hypericun is known for its soothing effects when body parts containing many nerves are injured, as well as in other traumatic nerve conditions.

  • This remedy is indicated in carpal tunnel syndrome when the wrists are stiff andburning pain and significantly relieved by applying ice or cold water.
  • Because of so much tightness, the person may feel a need to stretch the wrist, despite the pain.

Wrist Rheumatism Homeopathic Medicine and Treatment

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