Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome

Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder that begins in childhood and adolescence. Tourette is a more severe end of a spectrum of tics disorder. It causes repeated, involuntary physical movements and vocal outbursts.

It is characterized by multiple Involuntary movements of motor tics and one or more phonic tics.

Tourette syndrome Causes:

The exact cause of tourette syndrome is unknown.

Risk factors:

  •   Genetic factors
  •   Environmental factors
  •   Forceps delivery
  •   Stress during pregnancy
  •   Use of tobacco, caffeine, alcohol and Opium during pregnancy risk factors of tourette syndrome.
  •   Low apgars score.
  •   Premature delivery.


Symptoms can vary from person to person. Tourette syndrome is a tic syndrome. It is a Involuntary spasm of muscles.

The most frequent form of tics are:

  •   Blinking eyes.
  •   Clearing throat.
  •   Grunting.
  •   Shoulder movement.
  •   Head movement.
  •   Involuntary movement of muscles.
  •   In the early stage, repeated head movement.
  •   Bending or twisting the body.
  •   Nose twitching.
  •   Repeated Hiccups.


  • There is no special screening test for tourette syndrome, diagnosis is based upon family history, Past illness, or sign and symptoms.
  •   Doctors ask the history of patients like he/she may suffer from ADHD, OCD, and tics before the age of 18.
  •   Neurological examination.
      History of signs and symptoms.   Electronystagmography.

Homeopathic medicines and treatment in Zirakpur:

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  Alumina : alumina is the best indicated medicine for tourette syndrome with hiccups. People can walk in the daytime but are unable to stand at night. sore throat. Constricted feeling of esophagus with difficulty in swallowing.

  Argentum nitricum : argentum nitricum is given when there is trembling of limbs while walking . their difficulty in control over limbs while walking or standing. Involuntary Head movements.

  Causticum : causticum is marked in tendency to fall forward and sideways. Child does not want to go to bed alone. Sad, hopeless. Frequently falling off. Unsteady walk. Trembling hands and legs.

Gelsemium : Gelsemium can be given in tremor due to weak muscle. Orbital neuralgia with contraction and twitching of muscles. Facial muscles contracted. There is no coordination of muscle control with excessive weakness. Difficulty in speech and trembling of tongue is marked in this medicine.

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