Slip Disc

The spinal cord consists of multiple blocks of bones called vertebral bodies. Slip Disc lies in between
the vertebral bodies.
The disc contains jelly-like material that is surrounded by a fibrous ring.
When the fibrous ring becomes diseased due to any injury or other condition then the jelly like
substance is pushed out or prolapses into the spinal canal and causes pressure on the spinal
cord and the nerve roots that surround it.

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Slip Disc SYMPTOMS : 
Most slip discs occur in the lower back of the body, but they can also occur in the neck.

Arm or leg pain : if a herniated disk is on the lower back, besides pain in the lower
back, the person can also feel pain in the  buttocks, thigh and calf. Pain may also have
pain in part of the foot as well.

Numbness or tingling  sensation : people who have a slip disk often have radiating
numbness or tingling in the body part due to the affected nerves.

Lethargic : inflammation in joints causes pain which in turn leads to lethargicness.

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Slip Disc CAUSES :

In aged people the disk becomes less flexible and more prone to rupturing with
even a small strain or twist. Most people can’t find the cause of their herniated disk. Using the
back muscles instead of the leg and thigh muscles to lift heavy objects can lead to a herniated
disk. Rarely a traumatic event such as a fall to the back is the cause.


Weight : obesity can cause extra stress on the disks in the lower back. 

Occupation : people doing physical jobs have a greater risk of back problems. repetitive, lifting, pulling, pushing, bending sideways and twisting also can raise the risk of a
herniated disk.



Sedentary : day to day exercise can help prevent a herniated disk.

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Just above your waist your spinal cord ends. What pursues through the
spinal canal is a bunch of long nerves of cauda equina. In rare instances, emergency surgery
may be required to avoid permanent weakness.

  1. Worsening symptoms : pain, numbness or weakness can increase to the point that
    daily activities contain.
  2. Bladder dysfunction : cauda equina syndrome will cause difficulty urinating even if the
    bladder is full.
  3. Saddle anaesthesia : numbness and loss of sensation in the buttocks and inner surface
    of the thighs. 


  1. Exercise ; exercise will help the trunk muscle stabilise and support the spine.
  2. Maintain good posture ; less pressure on your spine and disk. Keep your back straight
    and arrange, particularly when sitting for a long period of time.
  3.  healthy weight ; obesity puts more pressure on the spine and disk, making them more
    susceptible to herniation. 
  4. smoking ;Don’t use any tobacco products at all.

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  • aesculus hippocastanum works well in lower back pain and nervous congestion.
  • Pain in the hips and lower back area worsen when the person stoops or walks.
  • Soreness and swelling in the soles of feet
  •  Pain in arms and legs
  • Weakness in spine especially the lower back region patients legs often give out.
  • Soreness along with a burning sensation in the anus along with chills that travel
  • up and down the spine.

Bryonia :
                – dry mucous membrane 
                – stitching, tearing pain in muscles
                – stiffness and pain at the nape of the neck and the lower back
                – a fainting sensation on sitting up.

Calcarea carbonica :
                – rheumatism in the lumbar region
                – pain between the shoulder blades that makes breathing difficult
                – stiffness in neck and upper back and weakness in the lower back
                – pain from a sprain in the back due to lifting excessive weight.

Calcarea phosphorica :
                – stiffness and soreness in the neck and upper back.
                – bone pain
                – general pain 
              – pain that worsen from draft cold and excretion 
                – headaches every time the weather changes

Cimicifuga racemosa : electric shock like pains in the body. Inflammation, stiffness and
pain in the muscle of the back and neck. Sensitive upper spine. Pain in the lower back
that radiates to legs through hips. Pressure on the spine or neck that leads to nausea and vomiting.
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slip disc homeopathy treatment in zirakpur punjab

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