When abnormal growth of lymphocytes occur in lymphatic system lead to non Hodgkin lymphoma

Lymphocytes are part of immune system. Which help in fight infection, but when these cells become cancerous and grow out of control inside lymph tissues from tumors called as lymphoma

Lymphoma grow anywhere in body where lymph tissues found i.e. lymph nodes, spleen, thymus, adenoids, tonsils, digestive tract, bone marrow etc


Change in DNA leads to cell become cancerous

 Risk factor increase tendency towards this cancer are;

  1. Family history of lymphoma’
  2. Exposure to chemical, radiation
  3. Age- seen in old age people
  4. Immune deficiencies increase chance of developing lymphoma
  5. Auto-immune disease
NON HODGKIN LYMPHOMA symptoms and homeopathy treatment zirakpur


  1. Weight loss  unexplained cause
  2. Fatigue, weakness
  3. Enlarge lymph node around armpits, neck, belly, groi region
  4. Frequent infections
  5. Easily bruising and bleeding
  6. Pain in chest , felt pressure , cough
  7. Difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath
  8. Fever, night sweat
  9. Easily satiety- few bits of food cause fullness of stomach
  10. Nausea , vomiting
  11. Headache , trouble thinking, confusion, if lymphoma affect brain tissues
  12. Itchy, redness, bumps under the skin if skin involves

Symptoms appear according to the size and location of lymphoma develop


  1. Physical examination
  2. Biopsy- needle biopsy
  3. Selected type of biopsy needed according to person situation
  4. Bone ,arrow aspiration
  5. Thoracentosis- if spread to lungs, collect sample of fluid to check
  6. Paracentesis- to check spread of lymphoma inside stomach
  7. Chromosome test

                   (FISH, PCR, Cytogenetic)

  • Image testing’

                  –  CT-scan

                  –   X-ray

                  –   MRI

                   –  Ultrasound

  • Blood test – CBC , Blood chemistry


  1. Quit smoking
  2. Maintain healthy weight
  3. Limit drink intake
  4. Limit exposure to radiation, chemicals
  5. Eat healthy food
  6. Boost immunity
  7. Take proper treatment for any illness
  8. Exercise regularly
  9. Maintain hygiene


Arsenicum Album:

  1. Gradual loss of weight 
  2. Great debility, exhaustion
  3. Slight exertion cause great exhaustion
  4. Loss of appetite, nausea vomiting after eating and drinking
  5. Unhealthy, easily bleeding gum
  6. Abdomen swollen and painful
  7. Liver and spleen enlarged
  8. Cough, suffocative on lying
  9. High grade fever


  1. Swollen and easily bleeding of gums
  2. Blue rings around eyes
  3. Belching large quantity of wind , after eating
  4. Inflammation around abdomen
  5. Sharp and cutting pain liver and spleen
  6. Hypertrophy of liver and spleen
  7. Weakness and trembling from every exertion
  8. Wounds bleed easily
  9. Cough, chest pain, congestion


  1.  Great weakness, loss of flesh
  2. Great debility, the slightest effort induce perspiration
  3. Weakness and loss of breath ongoing upstairs, exertion
  4. Liver and spleen sore and enlarged
  5. Mesenteric gland enlarged
  6. Gum loose and bleed easily
  7. Dry cough, pain in larynx
  8. Joint inflamed and painful

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