Ganglion cyst

Ganglion cyst

A ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled sac that forms in the joint or over the tendon. It is not cancerous, it is benign. It contained a sticky clear fluid or colorless jelly-like material.

This cys can be painful or painless. The most commonly affected site is the al or Palmar aspect of the hands or wrist.

It can appear over others it’s too like:

• The tip of the finger below the cuticle is known as a mucous cyst.

• In the ankle joint or the popliteal fossa.

• Top of the foot.

Ganglion cysts mainly affect women as compared to men

Causes of ganglion cyst:

The exact cause of ganglion cyst is unknown.

But some studies show it can occur due to trauma or injury of the ioints or tendons or ligaments that can cause leakage of synovial fluid.

And leakage of synovial fluid leads to a ganglion cyst.

As another side some theory says:

Post-traumatic there can degeneration occur of the connective tissue that may cause ganglion cyst.


• A small pea-size lump can appear on the dorsal or

Palmar aspect of hands and wrist. It can occur anywhere but the most commonly affected site is the wrist.

• The size of the lump can vary in size.

• It is soft or immobile to touch.

• A ganglion cyst is painless but can be painful after overexertion of the wrist and hand.

• A ganglion cyst can press the nerve passing nearby that can cause pain and tingling sensation.

Risk factors:

• history of trauma or iniury of the joints

• Arthritis

• Mainly affects women between the age of 15 to 40 vears.

• People who overuse the joints can cause trauma that can lead to ganglion.

• Female gymnasts are more prone to get cysts.


• X-ray or ultrasound to rule out another cause of joint pain or wrist pain.

• MRI is useful to rule out or see the hidden ganglion cyst that can cause pain sometimes.

• Needle aspiration: to rule out if the growth is cancerous.


• Carpal tunnel syndrome

Difficulty in completing the task

Ganglion cyst Homeopathy medicines:

1. Ruta: ruta is well-indicated medicine for a cyst that affects the wrist. There is pain and stiffness of the hands and wrist. There can be nodes in the palms of the hands. It relieves the strain of the muscle, joints, and tendon.

2. Silicea: Silicea can be given in the ganglion cyst affecting the left side of the wrist. Numbness and weakness along with cold perspiration of the hands. It helps in the absorption of cystic fluid.

3. Calc flour: calc flour is well-indicated for the cyst or tumor at the dorsal aspect of the wrist. There is pain during movements of the hand. General stiffness of the joint with a numb feeling of the wrist and hand.

4. Causticum: Causticum is well indicated when a ganglion in the wrist presses the nerve and causes pain and numbness of the wrist. There is a shooting type of pain in the hand with weakness.

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