When cell of gallbladder become cancerous and start growing out of control it is called gallbladder cancer.

Gall bladder is a small pouch below liver in right side of abdomen. its function is to store bile

When healthy cell of gallbladder become malignant and grow and multiply uncontrollably it leads to cancer of gallbladder.

It is rare type of cancer 

Gallbladder cancer causes


 Mutation in DNA of gall bladder cell lead to cancer in gallbladder

 There are most risk factor may leads to gallbladder cancer, these factor are:

  1.  History of gallbladder stone
  2. Polyps in gallbladder
  3. Chronic inflammation of gallbladder
  4. Obstruction in bile duct due to stone, cyst
  5. Excessive radiation exposure
  6. Age- old people above age 60-65 are more prone to gallbladder cancer
  7. Women are at higher risk
Symptoms of gallbladder cancer


        In gallbladder cancer symptoms appear in advance stage-

Symptoms are:

  1. Pain in right side of the abdomen or upper abdomen
  2. Lump felt in abdomen, painful
  3. Indigestion, eructation
  4. Nausea, vomiting
  5. Acid reflux, heaviness feeling in stomach
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Yellowish in skin, urine, eyes
  8. Fever
  9. Weight loss


  • Physical examination
  • TEST-

                   -Liver function test

                   -Tumor marker test- CEA

                                >> Carciaoembryonic antigen

                                >> CA 19 -9 assay

  •    Imaging test-





  • Biopsy
  • Laparoscopy


  1. Limit alcohol intake
  2. Take proper treatment for gall bladder disease i.e inflammation, stone, cyst
  3. Eat healthy, fresh food items
  4. Drink appropriate amount of water 
  5. Avoid excessive exposure to radiation, chemical
  6. Maintain weight 
  7. Exercise regularly
  8. Avoid too much junk, fatty food 
  9. Reduce stress and do yoga



  1. Sour eructation
  2. Liver sensitive , brown spot on abdomen
  3. Pain shooting across the abdomen, from right to left
  4. Great weakness of digestion
  5. Bulimia with bloating 
  6. Burning eructation rise up to pharynx where they burn for hours
  7. Eat very little create fullness

 Mercurius solubilis:

  1. Putrid eructation
  2. Intense thirst for cold water
  3. Weak digestion
  4. Stomach sensitive to touch
  5. Hiccough and regurgitation, feel constricted
  6. Stabbing pain in stomach with chillness
  7. Bile secreted deficiently
  8. Jaundice, yellowish of skin, eyes
  9. Liver enlarged sore to touch
  10. Weakness of limbs, pain in bones , trembling extremities
  11. Fever with yellowish profuse perspiration


  1. Completely loss of or excessive appetite
  2.  Putrid eructation
  3. Drink a lot and eat too little
  4. Great acidity, sour eructation
  5. Burning pin in stomach
  6. Weight like pressure in liver region
  7. Nausea vomiting
  8. Sensation of rawness and soreness in abdomen
  9. Liver region sensitive pain
  10. Jaundice, yellowness of skin, eyes
  11. Fever with flushness of heat
  12. Night sweat
  13. Weakness, loss of weight, trembling of hands

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