Adenoids are part of the lymphatic system, situated behind the nose and just above the throat. It prevents germs from entering the body through the nose and mouth. Adenoids are present at birth, they start to shrink after the age of 5 and usually disappear in teenagers.
Swollen adenoids or inflammation of adenoids are termed adenoiditis.

Adenoids become enlarged or swollen when they trapped the bacteria and germs and return to normal after infection subsides.

Causes of enlarged adenoids:

Adenoids become enlarged when they are fighting off germs and bacteria’s that enter into the mouth and nose.
Allergy from food, dust, pollutants, etc.
Smoking can cause enlarged adenoids.
Recurrent attacks of tonsillitis or throat infection can cause adenoiditis.


1. Blockage of nose
2. Breathing problems
3. Stuffy nose with discharge.
4. Sleep apnoea ( difficulty in breathing while asleep)

5. Sore throat with ear pain.
6. Difficulty in eating and drinking.
7. Breathing from the mouth.
8. Snoring


1. Swab culture: to rule out which bacteria or organism has caused infection.
2. Blood test: to rule out presence of an infection.
3. Nasoendoscopy: a small flexible tube inserted inside the nose to see adenoids.
4. Allergy panel test


Adenoiditis can lead to ear infection , it may block the opening of the eustachian tube and causes difficulty in hearing.
Infection of adenoids can spread to the lungs .
Due to difficulty in swallowing of food or liquid it can cause weakness or nutritional deficiency


1. Maintain hygiene, wash hands before having a meal.
2. Do not eat spicy food ,too much hot or cold food because it can cause irritation to the throat.
3. Try to avoid particular food /pollutants/ allergen which causes allergic reactions.
4. Do gargles with warm water at least 3-4 times a day. It helps in washing out bacteria from the throat.

5. Take plenty of fluids.

6. Healthy nutritional diet should be taken.
7. Avoid sour food .
8. Take enough sleep at night.

Homeopathic management:

1. Agraphis nutans: this medicine is helpful in adenoids with deafness (blockage of eustachian tube ) in which a person is very susceptible to catch cold easily.
2. Ailanthus grandulosa: the indication of this medicine is choking and scrapping feeling of throat with Internal or external swelling.
3. Calc iod: This medicine has beneficial result in enlarged adenoids and tonsils. Discharge is profuse and yellowish in color.
4. Sanginaria nitrica: this medicine is indicated where nose feels obstructed. Water discharge with pressure in root od nose. Nostrils stuffed with thick yellow, bloody mucus.

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